Looming on the Horizon


With their debut LP ‘Nailbiter’ looming, this Indie Rock outfit (and new addition to No Sleep Records) is on the cusp of critical mass, and, with their single ‘Output’ in fresh circulation, it won’t be long before this quirky quartet reaches audiences en masse.

‘Output’ opens in a very subdued fashion, as shimmering guitars pave the way for Jessica Knight and her unique vocalization — a hybrid of 90’s Alanis Morissette and Dolores O’ Riordan of the Cranberries. The tempo picks up midway through the first verse as percussion is introduced (along with distortion-heavy guitars).

‘Output’ has a catchy quality about it that’s likely to resonate with a lot of listeners, while being layered enough to attract those with a more critical/discerning ear.

While it may be impossible to say what looms for Looming, if ‘Output’ is any indication of what’s to come on Nailbiter, we’re all in for an intriguing listening experience, to be sure.

Tour Dates:
June 12 – Dumb Fest @ The Blacksheep Cafe Springfield, IL
June 13 – MSM Fest @ Morristown Community Park in Morristown, IN
June 14 – Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen
June 15 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Upper Room
June 16 – Detroit, MI @ The Trumbullplex
June 17 – Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s
June 18 – Pittsburgh, PA – City Grows
June 27 – Rockford, IL – Rockford Art Deli



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