iZombie: Breathes New Life Into A Fandom

You zombie, me zombie? No, but we love iZombie. In just a few months and with only 13 aired episodes, iZombie has amassed a loyal and passionate fandom.

iZombie tells the story of Liv Moore played by Rose McIver who is attacked by zombies at a boat party and then becomes one of the undead. In order to survive, she must eat brains. So Liv takes a job as a Medical Examiner. The twist to this story is once Liv eats a dead person’s brains she’s able to see how they died. Thus, Liv the murder solving zombie is born.

Almost immediately, iZombie’s fandom took off with Twitter members devoted to the show and its stars developing.  One of these,  iZombie Obsessed has over 10k followers.  Additionally, along with Dreamland Comics, iZombie Obsessed has created The iZombie Drinking Game where fans can send fun ideas then watch iZombie from the beginning at 9:00PM Tuesdays on The CW for a chance to win cool prizes.

That’s how addictive this show is and how fandoms are born.

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