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war-games-additional-press-photo-behind-the-curtains-mediaWe had the pleasure of interviewing Massachusetts indie-rockers War Games. War Games is a five piece Rock Band consisted of Kyle Therrien – Vocals, Andy Calheta – Bass and Vocals, Ian Provost – Guitar, Matt DiLecce – Guitar, and Josh Zeolla – Drums. They recently released their debut full length album entitled Holding Patterns. Read our interview below.

The songs on Holding Patterns–especially my favorite, Submerge Me–seem deeply personal. How difficult is it to put something that close to you out for the world to hear?

“Great question! As obvious as it seems it took a while for me to learn that all the best songs, the songs that give you goosebumps, make the hair on the back of your neck stick up or pull you through tough times are the most honest of honest songs, the deeply personal songs. When I gained the courage to write these songs, it was hard at first to even let the band hear them never mind the entire world. Luckily once I started bringing those songs to the table, my band mates really embraced them and finally when we started putting songs like that out people not only embraced them but thanked us. Nothing is more rewarding than someone explaining to you how one of your songs reached out and touched them, or helped them. Since experiencing that I’d say it is my main source of inspiration, my drive to create deeply personal music.”  -Kyle Therrien (Frontman)

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is thinking up a title. How do you come up with your song titles?

“We do find naming songs to be quite difficult. If the title doesn’t come to us right away, we give the song a working title. Sometimes it’s something that could potentially be the songs title but we want to let it sit with us in order to get better judgment and sometimes its something silly we use just to help identify the song until we’ve decided on a title.” -Kyle Therrien (frontman)

Your Foundations video was not a standard cookie-cutter music video. Where did you come up with the idea to include footage that you shot of yourselves traveling and getting tattoos?

“We feel that sharing tour footage is a great way to stay connected with our listeners and provide people with a first-hand view of what touring is like for a band like ours. We’ve made a lot of great personal connections – they are important to us and make up our friends, fans and support system both in the USA and across the world. It’s that very support system which enables us to reach new heights, and accomplish goals such as touring abroad. I feel as if we owe our supporters a first hand look at what their endless support has helped us accomplish, and this video does just that. I feel like it has so much more to offer than the “cookie-cutter” music video.” -Kyle Therrien (frontman)

Speaking of tattoos: Any of you have a favorite?

“My favorite tattoo is a tie between my portrait of Marilyn Monroe I got for my mom, and the last tour tattoo we got in England of a take out box of cheesy chips.” – Andy Calheta (bass&vocals)

“My favorite tattoo is a tie between a traditional rose with a banner that says mother in it, and my tour tattoo of cheesy chips we got in England as well! We really love our moms! hahaha.” -Kyle Therrien (Frontman)

You just played your first show back in your hometown since touring in the UK. How did it feel to get back to your roots after playing across the pond?

“It felt great to play at the met again, I was overwhelmed by the support of our friends and everyone who came out. It was a fantastic time.”  -Andy Calheta (bass&vocals)

“It was a lot of fun plating at home again. However I lost a very close friend to suicide this weekend and it was probably the hardest show I’ve ever had to play. The funeral was the morning of the show. A big group of people came out to the show from the funeral and we all said our last good byes to my friend while on stage. I poured an entire beer over my head on stage. It hurt but it was a lot fun, I know he would have been happy to see us on stage. He went to all of our local shows.” -Kyle Therrien (Frontman)

Obviously you missed your friends and family, but did you miss being “home”? Or is home where the music is?

“I wouldn’t say I necessarily missed being home, I feel at home when I’m with the dudes in this band in a van just traveling and getting the word of War Games out there. That’s home to me.” -Andy Calheta

“I have to say aside from obviously missing my friends and family I did not miss home while in the UK. In fact after the tour was finished I spent an additional two weeks in England spending time with my girlfriend who happens to be English. Long distance relationships can be hard but she’s worth every mile, she’s worth every bit of time I have to wait in order to see her again. It’s not about the amount of time, but the quality of that time. So it was nice to take a few weeks off and spend time with her after one of the best tours I have ever went on.” – Kyle Therrien

Is there any special message you have for music fans who are picking up Holding Patterns as their first War Games album?

“A special message to anyone who picks up Holding Patterns; Thank you for your support and I hope you connect with our songs. If you’re feeling down or having a bad day we hope it can help brighten it up, maybe help you forget or deal with whatever you’re going through.” – Andrew Calheta

Any sneak peeks you can give us into what’s next for War Games?

“Keep an ear open for a new cover song we are recording soon and be on the look out for shows in your area!” – Andrew Calheta

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