Interview with The Fosters’ Hayden Byerly

11951543_531729366979205_7243488084369563822_oHayden Byerly became a child actor right at the age of ten. He now stars as Jude Jacob in the drama, The Fosters. The third season premieres on June 8th at 8pm on ABC Family.


Your show’s been really successful so far. I wanted to know how do you feel being a part of it?

“It’s awesome. It’s a very cool experience. To be a part of such a groundbreaking show and to have a character that has such a powerful storyline and affects the lives of many people.”

How are the fan reactions that you have encountered?

“Of course you’re always going to get different types of reactions. I think the amount of positive outweighs the negative. But of course there’s still that negative there. There’s people who don’t approve of it or don’t agree with it, but that’s always going to be there. There are always going to be people who don’t necessarily fell the same way. That is their own opinion.”

Do you guys have a very serious set? Or are you a very silly cast?

 “No. It’s very silly. It’s a very, very silly, energetic, loud bunch. Everyone, you know, knows each other very well, and so we always have fun and we try to. I don’t think it’s ever really serious. It’s actually really hard to get everyone to calm down at times. We all get a little crazy, a little out of hand.”

Really? What’s been the most out of hand thing to go on?

“I think it’s always when we have big group scenes. So there’s lots of people, usually a group that always doesn’t get to see each other. We’re all laughing, talking, having a good time, and making jokes. So for them to try and quiet us down is really, it’s usually very hard to do.”

So you guys must be really close then?

“Yeah. We all feel like a family. Especially like, very good because it’s helpful for stuff on camera when you feel very close to the people you’re with off camera.”

How do you tackle those emotional scenes? Is it easier, being so close as a cast?

“I think so. Yeah, I think that if I have to have a very heart to heart scene with Lena. Or I’ve gotta cry in that scene. It helps when I feel very connected to her in the scene. I feel very close with her because we have that relationship off camera as well. That helps a lot, when you’re acting or trying to have a very emotional scene, or trying to get a person to feel very close to you as well. To have an off screen connection, it’s really very awesome as well.”

Do you and your character Jude share any similarities?

“I think that there are some similarities. I think that Jude is just a very observant person. I think that I always try and make sure I know everything that’s happening. And I think that Jude kinda has a little, a little sass. And I think that I definitely have that as well. I think that there are definitely some similarities between Jude and I.”

I’ve seen that sass on screen. He’s (Jude) one of my favorite characters.

“Thank you.”

No Problem. Would you change anything about Jude’s character if you could?

“I’d think I’d more so add to Jude’s character. I think that something I’d really like to see is Jude have like a very, kinda, nerdy activity. Like talking nerdy with you guys. I think that having Jude have a very fun, kind of odd activity to pursue outside of school and stuff like that would be something that I would love to see Jude have.”

What can you tell us about the new season?

“It premieres June 8th. It’s a great season; obviously it picks up six weeks after the car crash. So you’re gonna get to see the impact it’s had on the family and the long-term emotions of the family’s feelings. And the season is a lot of, very happy, good moments, and of course you’ve always got that ABC Family drama. It’s a great season and the writers go crazy with all the stuff that they write and the incredible ideas that they have.”

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