Hannibal Bringing the Tears: 3×04 Apertivo


The most heartbreaking moment of tonight’s episode of Hannibal came when [spoiler alert] we had to watch Jack and Bella’s story conclude. I personally have been rooting for them from the start and at the beginning of the scene in the hospital I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. After I got into it however, it was clear what was going on, and it was in fact heartbreaking. For just a second I believed that Bella wasn’t dying, but when Jack’s vision of her switched back into Alana (who’s return I am ecstatic about by the way) it was obvious that she was dead. But this wasn’t what really got to me.

The moment that had me literally choking back tears was at her actual funeral. They beautifully paralleled it so that it seemed as though her and Jack were at their wedding rather than a funeral. The beauty was cut short, however when Jack noticed a card in the arrangement on the casket. This card was from none other than our friend Hannibal remarking his condolences for Jack’s loss; like putting salt in an open wound. It was then made apparent that there was only three people at the funeral, Will Graham included, and that somehow made the ordeal even more sad showing the lonely life that both Jack and Bella lived. This was a pretty slow episode, but next week it looks like Will is on the hunt for Hannibal and out for blood.

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