Expect The Unexpected

The twists and turns return as Big Brother premieres in an epic two-part season premiere on Wednesday, June 24 and June 25 from 8-9 pm EST on both dates. Julie Chen will be returning as host for the 17th season.

After the premiere, Big Brother will air on Sundays beginning on June 28th from 8-9 pm EST, Wednesdays from 8-9 pm EST and live for evictions on Thursdays beginning on July 2nd from 9-10 pm EST.
Among the houseguests vying for $500,000 are a personal trainer, a former WWE/NXT wrestler, a grad student, a professional poker player and a poker dealer.

Here’s the list  of houseguests!


Jace Agolli (23) (pron A-goalie)

Hometown: Dunwoody, Ga.

Current City: Venice Beach, Calif.

Occupation: Personal Trainer


Becky Burgess (26)

Hometown: Denver, Colo.

Current City: Denver, Colo.

Occupation: Retail Manager


Clay Honeycutt (23)

Hometown: Dickinson, Texas

Current City: College Station, Texas

Occupation: Graduate Student (Texas A&M)


James Huling (31) (pron Hue-ling)

Hometown: Sumter, SC

Current City: Wichita Falls, Texas

Occupation: Retail Associate

Meg Maley (25)

Hometown: Collingswood, N.J.

Current City: New York, N.Y.

Occupation: Server


Austin Matelson (30)

Hometown: Woodland Hills, Calif.

Current City: Woodland Hills, Calif.

Occupation: Professional Wrestler


John McGuire (27) (will turn 28 on 6/28/15)

Hometown: Scranton, Pa.

Current City: Jefferson Township, Pa.

Occupation: Dentist

Audrey Middleton (25)

Hometown: Villa Rica, Ga.

Current City: Villa Rica, Ga.

Occupation: Digital Media Consultant


Steve Moses (22)

Hometown: Gouverneur, NY

Current City: Gouverneur, NY

Occupation: College Student


Liz Nolan (23)

Hometown: Miami

Current City: Miami

Occupation: Events Coordinator

Shelli Poole (33)

Hometown: Marietta, Ga.

Current City: Atlanta

Occupation: Interior Designer


Da’Vonne Rogers (27)

Hometown: Inglewood, Calif.

Current City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Poker Dealer


Vanessa Rousso (32)

Hometown: Las Vegas

Current City: Las Vegas

Occupation: Professional Poker Player

Jason Roy (25) (will turn 26 on 8/13/15)

Hometown: Fall River, Mass.

Current City: Swansea, Mass.

Occupation: Supermarket Cashier



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