Devious Maids-Meet Ernesto


Season Three of Devious Maids just got hotter with the addition of Cristian de la Fuente as a series regular. Cristian de la Fuente plays Ernesto, who happens to be Rosie’s presumed dead husband. In true soap opera fashion, we know the drama is coming. It doesn’t take long! Ernesto and Mr. Spence meet in episode 3, and it’s quickly followed with a ‘Stay away’ warning from Mr. Spence. Ernesto doesn’t follow that friendly advice and follows Mr. Spence to surprise Rosie at Zoila’s wedding. Cue the fainting from surprise!

This episode brought in 1.34 million views and #AskCristian was trending in New York, LA, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, London, and others. One of the amazing aspects of social media is being able to reach out to actors and actresses. By multitasking on Twitter and watching the show live, we get a more multi dimensional viewing experience. One of those experiences is having the opportunity to talk with Cristian de la Fuente who answered fans questions during the episode.

It’s no surprise that Ernesto is big on family, but after being held hostage by a drug cartel for five years, it’s only going to bring trouble. Rosie’s already been shot once this season and recovered. Let’s not have that happen again.

Poor Mr. Spence! First Rosie get’s shot, then goes into a coma. No he has to film porno’s to financially provide for his family he’s worked so hard for. Then, just to have hunky Ernesto reappear to fight for his wife and son, it’s all building the drama. I can’t wait to see sizzle on my screen. Let’s not forget all the comparing that Rosie has done between Ernesto and Mr. Spence since season 1. That has to leave some issues in the marriage now that Ernesto is alive and a very real subject to be compared too.

Mr. Spence already has made a mistake with Rosie as he kept Ernesto’s arrival a secret. Rosie lashes out about how he can keep secrets from the person he loves. If she’s that upset with Mr. Spence’s small secret, imagine all of Ernesto’s that are one day going to surface. Especially, if it puts their son Miguel in danger.

After all the build up of Rosie’s and Mr. Spence’s relationship we have to hope their relationship will prevail over Ernesto’s return. Or there might be another murder. You never know with this show!

With being believed dead for the past five years, I can’t imagine the secrets Ernesto is hiding behind those smoldering eyes. Mystery men are hot, but let’s hope Rosie and the others stay a safe distance away.

It’s hard to sum up a character in one word. But we know there is far more to Ernesto than this and that’s just good character.

Devious Maids airs on Monday nights at 9/8 CT on Lifetime.

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