Calling all Undiscovered Bands!

If you’re a big follower of Teen Wolf like I am then odds are this near year-long hiatus since the end of season four has been a struggle. Fortunately, for me at least, one person has made it bearable; the Teen Wolf himself, Tyler Posey. Tyler is known for being extremely interactive with his fans (one time he spent almost an entire day at Disneyland posing for fan pictures). If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet him, I’m sure you can vouch that he is just as energetic and loving as everyone makes him out to be.

Although he is known mostly for his acting, Tyler has also expressed a passion for hosting and music. He hosted the Teen Choice Awards last year and will be hosting the MTV Fandom Awards at Comic Con on July 9th this year. His YouTube consists of a series titled “Music for Your Ears to Bleed to” which features him, and his guitar covering songs and sometimes singing originals.

His most recent project is a podcast with his close friend, and body double on Teen Wolf , Tyler Schnabel. The podcast, entitled Doin’ it Raw, is exactly what it sounds like and more. It’s two twenty year old dudes sharing their thoughts on things, and there’s something about them that makes me want to listen.

Their first episode ranged from drinking St. Paddy’s day beer to giving some lucky fans a phone call. Their most recent episode tackled the importance of talking about mental health. It’s extremely refreshing to see someone use their platform (combined, Posey, Schnabel and the Podcast’s twitter follower count exceeds one million) in such a positive way.

This brings me to the subject at hand: bands! Earlier in the week Posey tweeted that he is looking for any new or undiscovered bands/artists to feature on the podcast. If you simply mention @rawpodcast with the hashtag #DIRmusic then he will check out your music, and maybe feature you on the podcast.

I know how tough it can be to get your music discovered, and I think this is a great way of getting your name out there. So if you’re in a band or anything of the sort it’s probably in your best interest to try to be heard! The podcast doesn’t really have a set schedule since both of the boys are typically busy with filming Teen Wolf, but right now they are on a short break and it seems like they’re going to try to get more episodes uploaded more often.

Follow @Rawpodcast @Tylergposey and @TylerSchnabel on twitter and use the hashtag #DIRmusic if you want your music to be heard!


Don’t forget to catch the new episode of Teen Wolf this Monday June 29th at 10pm on MTV!

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