8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Fox’s "The Last Man On Earth"


If you, like me, had never heard of “The Last Man on Earth”until recently, that’s okay. For cable and Netflix watchers and non-Will Forte fans, watching this Fox half-hour comedy that premiered in March of this year might be a bit of a stretch.

However, after binge-watching it in two days, I can now say I wish there were tons of other shows like it. The premise is pretty simple: after the whole human population is wiped out by a virus, a man named Phil Miller (Will Forte, who also write it) must survive on his own.

If that sounds like something you’ve seen before, that’s because it…well, actually, no, it’s not. Fortunately, the show’s execution is pretty original, with lots of unexpected hilarious situations unfolding from the protagonist’s predicament. Before you ask, yes, the show has more than one character. Obvious spoiler alert: he finds other survivors (but not many!).

If you are still unconvinced, here are eight elaborate reasons why you should give season one a try before season two premieres next year:


1. Because Will Forte’s character decorates his dinner table with a giant dinosaur head and uses the Constitution as a towel

Being the only human on Earth, Phil Miller does what anyone in his place would do: picks a mansion to live in and steals the world’s biggest works or Art and important historical items to adorn his home. He also bathes in a kiddie pool filled with hard liquor while drinking its contents.

2. Because Kristen Schaal is awesome

Carol Andrew Pilbasian deserves a show of her own; the hero’s love-hate interest says things like “do me a flavor”, insists on making raisin balls for dinner (meatballs no longer exist) and demands that they stop at every stop sign even though their car is the only one on the road (a.k.a the world). In other words, she’s that woman no man would sleep with even if she was the last woman on Earth. However, Kristen Schaal surprisingly manages to turn Carol into a relatable, funny and sweet character.

3. Because it’s not stupid

This is a show that doesn’t insult/patronize our brains. It even begs all sorts of existential questions, such as: would you continue being who you are if no one else could see you? The creators have said that the show is about a man who is so rotten that basically the entire human race needs to be wiped out for him to finally become a good person.

4. Because it has jokes about diarrhea

According to Carol, why else would you marry someone unless you can tell them about your diarrhea (and hear about theirs)? If that’s not enough for you, the show also features a pool filled with poop, which becomes Phil’s bathroom when his flush stops working.

5. Because the protagonist talks to way more balls than Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”

There is Gary the soccer ball, Bryce the pool ball, Diego the golf ball, Anton the ping-pong ball, etc, etc. And they all have faces drawn on them.

6. Because it doesn’t have zombies

The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard the premise was: they will find a way to throw zombies in there somewhere. But, luckily, they didn’t! Not sure if I’m the only one who thinks that subgenre is saturated, but anyway, this show only contains humans and various balls (and, later, spoiler alert: a cow).

7. Because you can watch the whole season more quickly than a “Lord of the Rings” movie

Ok, maybe not, but almost! With 13 episodes at roughly 21 minutes each, the show is super quick and easy to watch. The only downside is having to get up every twenty minutes to start the next episode.

8.  Because Betty Draper (January Jones) is in it

And we all know you’re already missing Mad Men.

Season 1 of “Last Man on Earth” is available to watch for free on the Fox website: http://www.fox.com/the-last-man-on-earth

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