6 reasons why ChArles DiLaurentis is the most sneaky antagonist on TV today.

You guys ever wonder about your favorite TV show and their evil villain? Or the bad guy in the story-line and what makes them so…badass? Well I definitely do! One of my favorite antagonist’s is ‘A’ on Pretty Little Liars aka Charles DiLaurentis!

That’s right! The level of angst this show gives us dedicated watchers would be nothing without the one and only ‘A’. Now that we actually have a name that isn’t just a letter, there are still so many questions.

Who is he?! Why is he doing this?! How is he doing this?! Does he ever get tired of wearing a black hoodie/mask 24/7? Does he even eat?

So many questions, just impatiently waiting for so many answers.

Now. Here are 6 reasons why ChArles DiLaurentis is the most sneaky antagonist ever:

1) His true identity has not been discovered for you know…6 SEASONS. That says a lot. If you can go over 100 episodes without being captured and identified that already makes you a badass, mister!

2) ChArles is super rich. But how? Does he receive some kind of funding for all of his shenanigans he’s caused over the course of 6 seasons? How does he afford all those techs and gadgets? And most importantly, how was he able to have a huge life-size dollhouse with an exact copy of Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily’s bedrooms, in the middle of nowhere? Just in general, how does he even have access to so much stuff? Spill your secret, Charles!

3) When you think you’re one step ahead of him, you’re really ten steps behind. There has been many times the girls thought they’d outsmart him only to be left wishing they hadn’t.

4) He has the ability to appear and vanish into thin air. He’s playing his own version of now you see me, now you don’t.

5) He’s managed to stick with a black hoodie almost all the time. Sometimes with very daunting masquerade mask too. I wonder if Charles does his own laundry…

6) And the most mind-boggling of them all…as Mona said to Spencer when they were in his lair “A has a soul”. Yup. A villain with a soft spot who knows how to torture others? You win, Charles!

If Executive Producer, I. Marlene King really is keeping her word, we will finally know the true identity of ChArles at the end of the Pretty Little Liar’s summer finale premiering in August. No more tricks. We will be in for a ride!


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