Single Review: The Unraveling ‘Revolt’

Comprised of Gus De Beauville and Steve Moore, The Unraveling extricate themselves with Experimental sounds that seem to spring forth from the bowels of the sonic abyss, and it’s here in this infernal underbelly that they’ve found their niche.

Often compared to the likes of Tool and Nine Inch Nails, The Unraveling is cut from a similar cloth — larger-than-life with a not-so-subtle lean toward the morbid and the macabre. Their latest single ‘Revolt’ is indeed cut from such cloth.

With its hair-raising percussive elements and slow, drawn out, chugging riffs, ‘Revolt’ leads an auditory insurrection with unfaltering fervor and zeal. There’s an epic quality to the overall production and execution that’s bound to resonate with listeners and reinvigorate the rebel in us all (whether or not we choose to “fight the power”).

Political and philosophical leanings aside, ‘Revolt’ is a solid track, and, whether you’re staging a coup in your corner of the world or using it as motivation to bring down belly fat at the gym, it’s worth keeping in your audio arsenal.

Download ‘Revolt’ free on Bandcamp


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