Hit or Miss: Four Movies to Catch (or Not) this Spring

April and May 2015 will offer an extensive lineup of movies, some heavily promoted (hello, “The Longest Ride”) and others that will likely fly under the radar.  Here are a few of the early 2015 films that look promising, as well as a couple that look, well, a little less so. Sorry, Kevin James.

  1. Hit – “Misery Loves Comedy”

Technically a documentary, this April release probably won’t get wide distribution, but looks to be worth the trouble to seek out. It features interviews and insights from a slew of popular comedians, including Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer, Martin Short, Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, and Whoopi Goldberg, to name a few. The subject: in order to be a great comedian, do you have to be a miserable person? With the almost staggering amount of famous comedians that have crashed and burned over the past few decades, this is a long-overdue project

2.   Miss – “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”

Also coming to theaters in mid-April, “Paul Blart 2.” Was this really what the world was clamoring for? Was there a vote involved in whether or not to make this movie? Racking your brain as to why thousands of dollars were frittered away in the production of this film would surely take more time than what it took the two writers to concoct the plot of this thing.

3.   Hit – “Aloha”


In the romantic comedy category, “Aloha” looks to be the best and most original of the year. Coming to theaters at the end of May, this movie has a great cast – Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams. Plus, it has Cameron Crowe, of “Almost Famous” and “Jerry Maguire” directorial fame. The love triangle plot looks cute, but the dialogue and clever direction will be what sells this one.

4.   Miss – “The Age of Adaline”


Another romantic film, more drama than comedy, “The Age of Adaline” stars Blake Lively as a woman who cannot age. While it doesn’t look flat-out bad, the movie, coming to theaters at the end of April, does look incredibly predictable and boring. The coolest thing about this movie is the fact that Anthony Ingruber, who plays the younger version of Harrison Ford’s character, is famous for doing celebrity impressions, most notably, Harrison Ford. Seriously, YouTube him.



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