Five Comic Books for the Non-Superhero Lovin’ Reader

I love comic books. I love superheroes, but I’m not the biggest fan of superhero comics. Here are some great alternative comics!


1) Saga

From the creators of Y the Last Man, this is the most out there comic I have ever read. You go to worlds, and places, you never imagined, and meet people who.. we’ll… lets just say are one of a kind!


2) Sex Criminals

Like Saga, this in one you probably shouldn’t keep on your desk at work. Without saying too much, the title says it all. It’s about two people who stop time with their orgasms. Most definitely they could use this power for good, but instead, they decide to rob a bank.

3) Ms Marvel

Ok ok, I lied. Technically this is a superhero comic, and by technically I mean I wanted to sneak it in. It’s so good. It starts out with a Muslim girl, finding out she’s a superhero. The great part of this story, is it really is an origin story, she has to figure out how to be a superhero and how to use her superpowers. Trust me it is great or I wouldn’t have snuck it in here ;).

4) Rachel Rising

This comic has been around for a while, but is still going strong. Rachel wakes up dead and now has all the associated problems with being dead like uhhh how she died! As she is figuring this out strange and violent things are happening around town. It’s not a zombie book, not a vampire book, not a werewolf book, it’s its own genre; dead girl alive…well only kind of alive.

5) Kick Ass 3

This time I didn’t lie. I don’t fully consider this to be a superhero comic. Sure its about a kid who has made himself into a “superhero” but if I asked you to list all the superheros you could think of, I’m sure he would never make the list. If you’ve seen the movies, this is/will be movie #3.


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