Album Review: Jesse Denaro ‘Dear, Love’

Released on May 13th of this month, ‘Dear, Love’ is the debut album from Indie/Folk Singer/Songwriter Jesse Denaro, announcing his arrival on the scene in breakthrough form.

With the majority of the tracks written and performed by Denaro himself, this ten track effort opens with ‘Someone Save My Life,’ an easy listening affair in the style of early John Mayer and Mat Kearney. With acoustics and Jazz-infused arrangements at its heart, there is a distinct groove that permeates throughout — a solid introduction to the album.

‘Waiting War’ has more of a Rock feel, upping the tempo and vitality introduced by the opener. Lead guitar licks and a higher level of distortion layer the track — adding a touch of melody that balances the overall output.


‘The Grand La Monz’ is a hybrid of the highest caliber. With acoustics right out of the gate, the initial impression is that of an unplugged ballad. Once the second verse gets underway, the energy picks up considerably without losing the stripped vibe. Melodic guitar licks and backing vocals continue to accompany the breakdowns, culminating in yet another standout.

‘Dear, Love’ braves forth in breakout fashion. As a standalone album, it easily ranks among its contemporaries (even more so as a debut). Denaro has crafted an album in ‘Dear, Love’ that’s mainstream accessible, while simultaneously infusing it with enough nuance and originality to avoid becoming cookie cutter or run-of-the-mill. Whether you love it dearly after a first listen, or whether it takes a few listens to grow on you, ‘Dear, Love’ is definitely worth a listen.




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