Single Review: Isobel Trigger ‘Tiger Shark’

Isobel Trigger — the 4-piece Indie Alternative Pop Rockers from Victoria, British Columbia — have just released ‘Tiger Shark,’ the brand new single off of their upcoming EP Nocturnal which is slated for release at the end of July.



‘Tiger Shark’ fires on all cylinders from the outset — various synth/electro elements fuse with a driving rhythm section and luminous guitar tones — spawning a sonic atmosphere that’s light years ahead of most.

Whether it’s the unconventional subject matter (tiger shark, anyone?), the futuristic ambiance, the quirky vocals, or some combination thereof, Isobel Trigger is locked, loaded, and ready to give listeners something they may not expect. ‘Tiger Shark’ is a concoction that defies classification — combining one part off-the-wall with two parts bizarre and stirring in a whole lot of awesome. Whether you spot it through sound waves or through waves crashing upon a distant shore, this is one tiger shark you’re going to want to stick around for.



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