Review: Tiffany Houghton ‘Love Like That’

Having recently released ‘Love Like That’ this past Valentine’s Day for her TIFANies, songstress, storyteller, and HRC regular Tiffany Houghton has already made her mark in the music industry, and ‘Love Like That’ is another sure-fire arrow from Cupid’s quiver.

With up-beat acoustics and tongue-in-cheek commentary on lost chivalry, this quirky track is sure to become an anthem for those whom such love has eluded.

With nothing but an acoustic guitar, Houghton’s vocals and message shine through with a clarity that is unmistakeable. It is this clarity — in tandem with a kind of honey-dipped angst and colorful video — that makes an otherwise sour subject into something more bittersweet.

Watch the video here:



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