‘Looking’ for Richie (E7)

“Looking for a Plus-One”

This week’s episode left us a little upset I think . All three guys are facing their own problems. As Pat gets dressed for his sister’s wedding he can’t help but be anxious to introduce Richie to his family. Things don’t start off on the right foot when Pat takes out his nervousness on him. With the scenic Golden Gate Bridge close behind them, Pat yells at Richie although he was just trying to help him out. Well Richie isn’t having any of it and demands the car to be stopped. His idea of having Pat smoke pot doesn’t go as planned because it just gets him more upset. He couldn’t believe that Richie had brought weed to meet his family. A small argument ensues right on the side of the road and Richie walks away angrily. I cannot believe Pat continues on without him. He leaves Richie stranded to find his own way home, and not to mention showing up date-less to his sister’s wedding. I know Pat was upset and nervous but I think we secretly was content with Richie not coming. It might have made things easier for him in the end.

Agustin and Frank aren’t doing any better. After getting the photos printed and ready for a show, Agustin backs out last minute. I understand artists need to believe and truly ‘feel’ their work of art, but this was just plain unprofessional. Agustin continues to lose points in my book every week. Both guys take a nice hike on the coast line of San Fran’s mountains only to end in complete disaster. Agustin admits that he paid CJ, a male prostitute, to sleep with Frank in the name of art. Frank is outraged and is ultimately disappointed that he was lied to. In his anger, Frank asks Agustin to move out. I don’t blame him either. Agustin hasn’t been the best boyfriend since they moved in together. I can’t tell if it’s really because of their relationship or lack of professional drive. Agustin has a lot to figure out before next week’s episode.

Dom on the other hand is going just as crazy. Lynn last minute found a deserted Chinese restaurant to host Dom’s pop up Portuguese chicken cuisine. They have less than 30 hours to turn the place around and things don’t look to good. Besides physically not being ready, Dom’s not mentally prepared either. He butts heads with Lynn claiming this is his idea and should be his vision, his way. Lynn doesn’t see it that way, and frankly I agree. Lynn has put so much into making this happen both financially and emotionally, and for what? I really don’t know yet. Does he really believe in Dom? Does he see a little bit of himself in Dom? Ultimately Lynn is offended and outraged and hands the keys over to Dom with only a few hours left. I understand Dom has a dream in mind, but he needs to understand Lynn may know more and have his best interests in mind.

Pat arrives to the wedding with a blatant lie of an excuse that Richie got last minute food poisoning. His mom doesn’t buy it but that’s not the biggest story upon arrival. We see Kevin, Pat’s boss, is at the wedding. Kevin is a young wealthy successful British entrepreneur, and Pat secretly has a crush on him (at least I would like to think so). Too bad both Kevin and Pat have boyfriends. What a small world? Kevin’s boyfriend is friends with the groom. But then again it’s television.

The wedding is nice but Pat just doesn’t feel right. He sees his mom is standing outside alone and goes over to console her. What starts off as a simple conversation turns into Pat spewing his real feelings about the current situation. He admits that he thinks his mom wouldn’t like Richie and it was her fault he didn’t come. If Pat wasn’t so nervous about his mom’s reaction they would have never fought. While I think this is partly true, he’s putting blame on someone else. I know family is tough, everyone has a hard time with theirs, but Pat needs to stand proudly if he’s really happy. His mom somewhat confesses at her narrow high brow self-image of herself and for her family, and take a bite of something from her purse. We find out its a ‘pot edible’. Oh the irony!

Pat makes his way to the bathroom to wash up and clear his mind after what he just saw. Kevin drunkingly stumbles in. He attempts to kiss Pat, which really didn’t surprise us. But what did, Pat pushes him back and Kevin walks away embarrassingly. I couldn’t believe Pat reacted like that. I think we all know those two are great for each other but the timing just isn’t right.

Excited to see how everything unfolds next week.

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