‘Looking’ for Clarity (E8) Seaon Finale

“Looking Glass”

Sadly season 1 has come to a close. We are left with a bittersweet emptiness and lingering questions only to be answered in the coming months (probably 9 to be precise). Unfortunately this season finale wasn’t as shocking or surprising as I had hoped for. We open with Pat making his way to Richie’s job to reconcile after the fight that ensued before the wedding. It was nice to see Richie in his element cutting hair at a small simple barber shop. Richie was not in any mood to kiss and make up though. He told Pat to back off and give him space. Pat was upset but seemed to be in a daze of numbness. He didn’t express any emotion or surprise to Richie’s harsh demeanor. Maybe Pat is secretly okay with it? I think so.

Agustin was definitely not doing any better. Although he waited for Frank to return home, hoping he could mend their relationship, it just wasn’t going to work. In fact, Frank rubbed salt on the wound and told it like it is. He said some things anyone would take offense to and feel hurt by when he told Agustin that he wasn’t a real artist and never would be, but would only amount to mediocrity no matter what he pursued. As Frank stormed out Agustin was left with anger and hate, not so much at his relationship failing but because maybe some truth was brought to light. He storms out of his now ex-boyfriend’s apartment with nothing more than a small backpack and a couple mind altering pills.

Pat is mentally not present at work and his boss Kevin isn’t making any easier. Kevin is set on apologizing about the awkward kiss between the both of them the other night. But it’s nowhere on Pat’s radar as he tells him to not worry, it’s water under the bridge. Dom is too busy to feel anything but prepared. His pop up restaurant is opening in only a few hours. It would definitely help if Lynn was around. But he’s no where to be found. Dom’s barky attitude sent him in the other direction. Let’s hope he shows up tonight. With work behind him Pat meets Agustin outside Dom’s restaurant who is basically ‘tripping out’ on what seems to be ecstasy. Getting some food and drink in him might sober him up bring him back to reality. Dom’s freaking out a bit when he sees the night start off slow but it picks up as Lynn and his gentleman friend show up. Dom is met with hesitant excitement.


As dinner starts winding down, Pat gets a call from Kevin and is called in for a work emergency. Sounds fishy to me from the start. Agustin has calmed down a little and is alright to be left alone as Pat heads off to a dark and empty office only to be met with Kevin standing there with two beers in hand. Kevin quickly admits there is no work related issue anymore but in fact he must profess his true feelings. He cannot control himself around Pat and wants to kiss him all the time. This really comes as a surprise. I mean we knew they both had a small crush on one another but Kevin has a serious boyfriend and is Pat’s boss. So you can imagine how off guard Pat was taken when Kevin began kissing him. He hesitates at first but gives in. Pat is so engulfed in his own relationship issues that Kevin’s bold confession comes as a shock. Regardless, the two continue to awkwardly have sex on the floor right in the middle of the office. As it comes to an end they are left asking “what’s next?” but no clear answer is evident.

The doors are about to close at Dom’s restaurant and it seems to have been a big success. Lynn bids him goodbye but is stopped. Dom takes him aside and apologizes for his earlier actions but Lynn confidently tells him that a business relationship won’t work between them in the future. Dom doesn’t look to worried as he gazes into his eyes and kisses him passionately. Is this the beginning of something new and real?

Pat walks home with a confused yet content feeling. He’s met at his doorstop by Richie. This could not have been worse timing. Richie looks perplexed in thought but with a clear affirmative tone tells Pat that this relationship isn’t going to work out. Richie professes he’s about to fall in love with him and Pat just isn’t feeling the same way. It won’t be right and it just doesn’t make sense for Richie to continue on this muddy path. Pat tears up a bit and the two part ways.

Pat heads into his place, only to find Agustin passed out  in his bed. Seems like Agustin may be moving back in again now that he’s out on the streets. Pat has many emotions brewing inside as he cuddles with his best friend. Questions are pondered of whether what happened tonight was for the best and what it means for the future. We’ll have to wait and see what season 2 brings us. I’m hoping Richie isn’t gone because he’s a great influence in Pat’s life. Conversely, Lynn is just going to hurt Dom and I don’t think there’s longevity in their relationship. Agustin needs to figure out himself before he tries to fix this relationship or start a new one. Let’s hope season 2 brings us stories of love and laughter.


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