The Following – Family Affair S2E4

Okay, show of hands – who saw this coming?

By “this”, I mean Lily’s extended family, and Lily’s ability to speak to them in their native languages. Not just French, but Russian, too. Not to mention Lily’s status as a billionaire (yes, with a “b”). I love her estate, though. Absolutely gorgeous. It must be early autumn, as Lily comments on things still being so green even though the trees have all changed color. I don’t know if the time of year will matter in the story, but there you go. Now you know.

 It occurs to me that the twins were born to a Russian maid, and Radmila speaks Russian. Maybe Radmila is the older sister of the twins? It might explain why Lily felt so drawn to them. She later tells Emma that she too was born to a maid, and both of these maids worked for her rich foster father. What if Lily is actually the twin’s older half-sister? Now my head is starting to hurt.

By “this”, I also mean the fact that David really doesn’t know anything, but Lily doesn’t want the authorities questioning him anyway. Why not? What was Giselle doing with David’s laptop? Stealing information? Wiping the memory? Both? Should be something to watch for, anyway.

There’s also Max, who is still helping Ryan track down Giselle despite Mike’s kind warning. I noticed that Max hung up his coat when he came in, but didn’t appear to give it back to him when he left. I thought for sure she was going to put some kind of bug on him. Maybe that was an oversight during filming, but I’ll be interested to see if that comes up later in the story. We also learned that the Hardy Clan is down to Ryan, his sister Jenny (in Boca?), and his niece, Max. I can see why they’d be so close knit with so few of them to rely on.

Then there’s Jana. Yet another one of Joe’s Followers, her home is where Joe was supposed to go after the explosion in Havenport. Now, why did she take a picture of him with the facial hair and the hat? We all know he’s going to shave it all off and go back to his impeccably dressed habits. So what good would an ID with all the facial hair be to him? I’m confused. But at least he’s got money, credit cards, all he needs to start his new life. How nice for him. She is also able to find information on Joey even though he’s deep in witness protection with his grandmother. Joe’s going to want to keep Jana around for a while.

Oh, and who’s Corbin? They wouldn’t mention him for no reason, so that’s a name to remember for future reference.

Last, there’s the whole thing between Mendez and Jana. Is Jana her ex, or her babysitter, or is Jana now with Mendez’s ex? I can’t wait to see where that’s going. It seems far too convenient for Joe to have Jana in such a close relationship with the FBI agent in charge of tracking him down. Speaking of which, Mendez made Jana give up the FBI? I’m leaning toward Jana being Mendez’s ex at this point.

Anyway, Joe would have had to foresee Mendez taking over for Debra Parker, and either recruit Jana or thank his lucky stars she was already a Follower. Serendipity, or setup? You decide. At least, until they spill the beans and explain that one too.

Even Joe’s reaction to meeting Lily was unexpected. Or, more to the point, I wasn’t expecting them to meet this soon. Either way, I can see Emma getting real jealous of Lily real quick, and Mark will be getting jealous of Joe getting all of Emma’s attention. We might even see Luke getting jealous of Joe. Did you catch Luke’s little exchange with Lily when he was helping her dress? Oedipus, move over. I’m guessing the twins must know they’re adopted, anyway.  I’ve heard of love triangles, but a love pentagon?

In any event, I see Joe and Lily becoming a “killer couple”, if you’ll pardon the pun. They were made for each other.

We end with Giselle escaping both Max and Ryan. She gets on her train, but doesn’t know that Max got on too and is seated not too far behind her. Ryan isn’t thrilled with this development, but what can he do now? Will he finally bring the FBI in to help keep Max safe? I really hope he gives up this vigilante stuff soon and gets back with the FBI so he has the resources he needs, without sneaking around and risking Max’s job and safety. Come on, Ryan, I know you can do the right thing!

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