Shameless Character of the Week: Debbie Gallagher

If you had told me 3 seasons ago that little, child-abducting Debbie Gallagher would not only have her own continuing storyline, but would also be the Shameless Character of the Week, I would never have believed you. Not our Debbie, no way, just wouldn’t happen. She’s too good for the likes of such shamelessness. Well, looks like the jokes on me because she’s doing both, brilliantly.

Little by little Debbie’s world has grown beyond the confines of the Gallagher living room. Unfortunately growing up is awkward no matter where you come from and it is doubly awkward if you are already the gawky kid surrounded by kids pretending they aren’t gawky. Never have I wanted to give Debbie a hug more than when she was walking alone on the overpass. Whoever said being a teenager was the best time of your life was never a 13-year-old girl.
Thank goodness that Matty turned out not to be a pedophile and instead is himself just an older version of awkward. Not that I am saying it is cool that he is hanging out with Debbie, because I’m not, at all. I’m just glad that while Debbie is hanging out with him I don’t have to worry about her being attacked by him. I really don’t believe I would have been able to handle something like that happening. It would be too much like seeing my little sister hurt.

Never have I understood a character more than when Debbie tearfully exclaimed to Fiona “I just wish I could skip the part where I don’t know the right thing to do and get to the part where I do.” So do I Debbie, so do I. Hopefully during times like this she will continue to reach out to Fiona, even if only for a moment.

Most Shameless Moment: Attempting to seduce Matty by donning a nightgown.

Least Shameless Moment: Sending a naked-selfie of someone from a magazine.

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