Review: Tom Harrison ‘Electric Postcards EP’

Tom Harrison — the film scoring Berklee graduate turned musician — recently released a brand new EP with the eponymous Tom Harrison Band.

The EP opener ‘Far From Home’ is an instant attention-getter. With its quirky lyrics and Green Day-esque riffs, the infectious melodies and up-beat tempo will have listeners everywhere nodding their heads and pumping their fists. Overall, a feel-good, solid opener.

The following track ‘Meaningless’ is anything but. It’s a multi-layered effort that has a lot going on — between the multiple guitars, tempo changes, and other subtle intricacies throughout, it’s an organized chaos that demands a deft hand to pull off, and Tom Harrison does so with a level of precision that is not often heard.

The EP ends with the clever wordplay of ‘Atlas Shagged.’ It brings the same energy and feel that is the hallmark of the entire effort, and, in that respect, Electric Postcards closes as it opened — with an electricity that’s worth writing home about.

Listen to and download the EP here:

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