‘Looking’ for Love (Episode 5)

Last week’s episode of HBO’s ‘Looking’ was the perfect culmination of the past four episodes. The momentum was built up over time but episode 5 really sealed the deal. I don’t think you’d appreciate the greatness that was “Looking for the Future” if you haven’t seen the previous episodes. But nonetheless it will be entertaining and might encourage you to start from episode 1.

We open with a explicit sex scene, that to be honest, was a long time coming. Viewers have been expecting a raunchy scene like this since the premiere. Patrick and Richie got much closer this week and learned about one another both physically and mentally.

The entire 27 minutes focused on Patrick and his newest love interest, Richie. It was a simple yet powerful and entertaining episode that followed the two love birds as they explored San Fran. Having woken up in bed together, Pat tries to leave for work but just can’t resist the urge to stay in bed and spend more time with Rich. We can easily find out why once we see Rich’s “skills.”

This is the first time the two have candid conversation and really discover more about their history and insecurities. It made you laugh, feel empathy, and pulled at your heart strings. That’s all you want from a show like this, to be moved and feel something. They talk frankly about taboo gay situations that most, if not all, gay couples eventually discuss (or at least would like to). As an outsider it’s eye-opening to learn what matters in gay relationships and how eclectic someone’s background can be. 

As they end the long and eventful day in bed once again we can’t help but smile with them. Seems they’re getting closer while drawing us in also, as we impatiently wait until next week.

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