Single Review: Christian Gregory ‘Count On You’

Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Christian Gregory is set to release the single ‘Count On You’ via Michael Kiwanuka’s London-based Movement Records on December 9th.

The track — recorded in one take by D’Angelo’s producer using live instruments — features a groovy intro, with elements of Funk, Blues, and Jazz fusing together to create a laid-back listening experience that is a throwback of sorts. Gregory’s vocals blend nicely with the walking bass lines, rhythmic percussion, acoustics, and slick guitar licks — all of which establishes a groove that listeners can really “count on.”

Overall, ‘Count on You’ is a refreshing change of pace that takes its listener on a stroll down musical memory lane — with its vintage sound and feel-good vibe, it’s bound to settle many a mood, and that is definitely something you can count on.



Movement Records:

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