Review: Action Item ‘The Start of Something’

Action Item — the Pop/Rock quintet out of Bergen County, New Jersey — have gone through a number of line-up changes and have released a handful of material since their inception, and, having all that under their belt, (including a collaboration with Nick Jonas in 2011) they recently released a single that may yet be “the start of something.”

The track kicks off with explosive percussion, followed by atmospheric hues that lay the foundation for Vocalist/Guitarist Brian Cag to put forth his light, airy tone.

While not technically complex, ‘The Start of Something’ manages to maintain its simplicity, while at the same time adding enough texture and color to keep things interesting. Action Item certainly know their audience, and this track is likely to appease their collective base. With its up-beat musicality and sing-along quality, ‘The Start of Something’ could be just that.




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