Interview with 3PM

3PM is a three piece punk rock band from Baltimore, MD. Their new full length album “Change of Plans” is available on Itunes now! Be sure to check it out!

1.Could you introduce yourself and what you do in the band?
I am Brandon!  I’m the band’s drummer and resident body guard.
I’m Scott! I’m the band’s guitarist and yeah
I’m Brennan! I’m the band’s lead singer and bassist!

 2.Where did the name 3PM come from?

 It’s a secret 😉

 3.Who are your biggest musical influences?
Our number one influence is Blink 182.  Those guys are our heroes, it’s all about the fun and the music reflects that! We also have our local Baltimore influences such as All Time Low, Good Charlotte, and MEST.

 4.If you could perform with anyone past or present who would it be?
It would definitely be Blink-182 because we have the same style as them and they are the reason we started playing music.

5.Tell us about the inspiration for your album “Change of Plans”.
WELL….we had a small fiasco with a label who had signed us and then the label head lost his *bleep* mind and we had to get the hell out of dodge!  We were pretty disappointed, we thought all our dreams were finally about to come true and it was all taken away from us in an instant, hence “Change of Plans” =] The music itself is inspired from personal stories with girls of course. Each track has its own back story and we put our heart and soul into the writing of each one.

 6.So I heard Christmas is not only a Holiday for you guys but also Scott’s birthday! Any big plans?
Well Scott always has a family event but there shall be heavy partying at night and into the morning. And by partying we mean video games, eating, and Cards Against Humanity.

 7.What is your favorite tv show?
Most of our jokes come from either South Park or Scrubs, so those two shows

 8.What would you be doing if not music?

  9.What should we expect to see from you guys in the next few months?
For starters, we just got word that we are playing huge show on April 19th! We are actually opening for the winner of the first season of the American version of “X-Factor”, Melanie Amaro! In addition to playing for thousands upon thousands of people, we are prepping for the January 9th release of our single “Perfect for Me” which is being distributed through Sony! We will also start season 2 of our web show “3PM Uncov3red” in the next month, which can be seen on our YouTube channel @3PMOfficialMusic

 10.Do you have any pets? If so what are their names?
We have a “band cat” of sorts that belongs to Brandon officially and her name is Bing!

 11.All of the ladies will be wondering are you single or taken?
Well, because he needs the advertisement, Brennan Stark is the only single member of 3PM! Go get him girls!

 12.What advice would you give aspiring performers?
Be thick skinned! Accept rejection and take criticism into consideration. You WILL suck at first! We all did! Treat your band like a business and you’ll go far! 

 13.What would you like to say to your fans/supporters??
Thanks for making all of this possible!  We wouldn’t be able to do the things we do and make the memories we have if you all didn’t support us<3

You can find us on Facebook at Facebook/3PMsounds, follow us on Twitter @3PM_music and Instagram @3PMOfficialMusic, and subscribe to our youtube channel @3PMOfficialMusic


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