Hart of Dixie: It’s a Season For "Miracles"

Happy Holidays to all Bluebellians near and far. I’m sorry if you thought I had forgotten you. I can assure you that was not the case, but between finals and a wicked cold to say I was not up for writing would have been an understatement. But I’m back now and ready to talk Hart of Dixie. Where should we begin?

Raise your hand if you think Shelby and a Cabaret was exactly what the town of Bluebell needed, not to mention a certain small town doctor. Say what you will about Shelby panicking when Brick got sick she brings a special smile to his face and that says a lot. Plus I just want Brick to be happy. That poor guy spent most of his adult life pining after that no good ex-wife of his so it is about time the universe sends some happiness his way. Plus who wouldn’t love to date the owner of a cabaret show?
I know Lemon will be back soon, but I’m going to miss her. I’ve come to adore her southern Type A ways. Of course from what I hear there is more than a good possibility that when she returns a certain fellow by the name of Peter will be following in her footsteps. Such a happy thought that is, well that and after months of playing “Lets hide Jamie’s belly” we will finally be able to see Lemon sans cleverly placed flowers arrangements.

Maybe when she gets back she can talk some sense into Mr. Wade Kinsella. When I said I wanted him to meet someone so we could finally get the Zoe/Wade story moving I did not mean for that person to be Zoe’s cousin. I mean come on now, seriously?!?! And then the only crumb you leave us Zade shippers with is a measly drug induced kiss? It’s like you want to see me cry. Okay, okay I get that the kiss was important because it was done when Wade’s inhibitions were down and spoke to how he was honestly feeling in that moment. And yes, I get that it was a stark in-her-face reminder that try as Zoe might Wade and her feelings for him are not going away any time soon. I get all that, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Unlike a certain Jewish grandma and her suitor named Brando who I adore. I know Zoe and Wade are endgame and I could not be more on board that ship if I was captaining it myself but does that really mean we have to get rid of Joel? Can’t we keep him? Pretty please?
And on that note can we keep Tansy too? I’m enjoying George’s drama-free relationship with Lynly and despite all my initial misgivings I do like her, but there is something about Tansy that is undeniable. Anyways now that Lemon has gone off to play nursemaid Wade needs someone like Tansy to keep his butt in line.

Thank goodness Zoe’s cousin Vivian had their uncle Brando to snap her back to reality. I understand that she was hurt that Zoe didn’t immediately reach out to Wilkes or even acknowledge their existence for the first two years, but in her defense family was never a loving, welcoming place for Zoe. Maybe, just maybe Zoe needed for them to prove to her what kind of family they were and not the other way around. Or as it turned out all she needed was a guy like Joel to show her another side of what being in a family could be like. Damn, I am going to miss Joel when he inevitably leaves Bluebell.

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