Supernatural Recap — Episode 9.07, "Bad Boys."

This week’s episode felt a lot like a callback to the earlier seasons, before all of this Apocalypse business started and it was just Sam and Dean and a lot of creepy monsters.

Dean gets a call from someone Sam isn’t familiar with, but who’s obviously familiar with their particular line of work, so that opens up a whole can of worms. But first, the case.

They show up at the boy’s home the guy works at because one of the staff members got killed by an unmanned tractor, and the staff at the home are convinced that there’s a ghost haunting the farm, which Sam and Dean are inclined to agree with considering their reports of flickering lights and random things slamming shut. A boy who lives there also says that he was at the scene of the dude’s death, and that it got really cold when it happened. Then the housekeeper tells a story about how a recently dead guy had sworn to get revenge on the murdered guy, so the Winchesters go and burn the guy’s skeleton. Case closed!

Except, of course, it’s not. The housekeeper then gets killed by mysterious circumstances, so Sam and Dean go and look some more. Sam finds a little secret area in the barn that has scribbled drawings on it depicting a kid getting thrown out of a car that caught on fire and exploded, and Dean learns that one of the kids there doesn’t have a family and no one really knew what was up with him. So, Dean figures it out just in time for the ghost to show up and lock them all in the house, Sam of course ending up there with them.

The kid shows up with the ghost, and Sam asks him to tell the story about the fire. It turns out that the kid’s mother’s last act was saving him, and then the kid cried for his mom so…his mom showed up and was trying to protect him! But she was a little hair-trigger on what constituted a threat or not, and was just going around killing everyone who so much as looked at the kid funny. So, Sam and Dean convince the kid to tell his mom that she doesn’t need to do all this, and the ghost passes on to Heaven. Yay!

Throughout all of this, Dean has flashbacks to his childhood—when he was sixteen he was caught stealing in that town because he lost the food money his dad had given him to feed Sam. So, he tried to steal some food, and ended up in the boy’s home for rehabilitation. John Winchester decided to leave him there to teach him a lesson or whatever, and Dean befriended the guy who ran the place, and picked up a girlfriend as well, who he liked a lot. But, though he confessed that he never really wanted to take up hunting, when John shows back up with Sam, Dean of course goes with them.

It’s sad.


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