‘Shameless’ Fan Spotlight: Ian & Mickey "Impossible"

I know I said that I was only going to do one of these fan spotlights before the new season began, but since there was such a good response to the first one I knew we had to do just one more.  The fan video spotlighted this time is one that you would think had been done by a professional. Since its creation the video has gotten more than 14,000 views and I have a feeing the creator of the video, Tiffany Love, will only create better videos. Personally I cannot wait to see what creations she manages to come up with next season.

I am, as well as few thousand others, a huge fan of your videos; congratulations on the reaction your video has been getting from the fans. How does it feel to know that so many in the Gallavich fandom are fans of your work?

Thank you so much, i’m glad you liked it. It feels amazing, I work hard on my videos especially the couples i’m most passionate about and making that video was a little tough because I wanted to get the scenes perfect with the lyrics and wanted the overall video to be good and getting feedback the way the video did was just incredible.

What do you think it is about Ian & Mickey’s relationship that make people care so deeply about them?

I think it’s because of the complexity and how tragic it is that Mickey thinks they can’t be together and how their relationship grew so much and evolved from season 1,even though Mickey is still stubborn and doesn’t want to admit it he actually cares about Ian. Also the acting between Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan is just phenomenal, they really do bring the characters to life.

Why did you choose this song to represent the story you were trying to tell?

This song was a happy accident, I had a list of songs I thought would go well with Ian and Mickey and then my sister was singing the song (very badly btw) Impossible by Shontelle and I just remembered the cover by James Arthur and his voice is absolutely amazing and the scenes were just flowing into my head while I was listening so I just sat down and started to work on my video and a sleepless night and a bunch of coffee later the video was made.

What is your favorite Ian & Mickey moment from the last 3 seasons and why?

Oh that’s easy, my favorite moment is definitely in season 3 episode 11 when Ian goes to Mickey’s wedding to try and stop him. I knew that scene was coming so I just paused the episode and I waited like 10 minutes to just prepare myself and honestly that didn’t help at the end I was just lying on the floor and just repeating what and why and then i re-watched the episode after I was done hyperventilating. Overall that episode was perfect but when Ian first enters the room and tries to convince Mickey not to go through with the wedding and they kiss it was just an amazing scene for me and it is hard to choose because Ian and mickey do have such great moments together but for the most part it’s definitely that episode and that scene.

As we all know (possible spoiler) Gallavich didn’t end on the happiest of notes, do you believe there is still hope for them?

Oh, of course I have hope for them. I don’t know how they’re going to bring Ian back but I can’t wait to see how everything is going to unfold and what’s going to happen with Ian and Mickey and I’m sure Lip is going to be pissed off that Ian left without him knowing and used his name to leave. It’s going to be great, can’t wait until Shameless comes back in January.

What do you hope to see happen in Season 4?

I hope to see Ian back that’s number 1 for sure, also more and more Ian and Mickey scenes cause I know I can never get enough of them. Another thing I’m hoping will happen is Mickey standing up to his father and telling him to screw off and not caring what he thinks because his dad just gets under my skin and I just want him to be gone. For the rest of the characters I really like Mandy so I hope there are more scenes with her and with Lip and maybe even some with Fiona even though they seem to hate each other,maybe they can be more friendly in season 4,and just more comedic scenes because shameless is sad at times and makes me hurt inside but the comedy in it with everyone is just the best and I hope season 4 has more of that.

Are you planning on featuring any of the other characters from the show in one of your videos?

Oh yeah I have a few songs in mind to do some Ian and Mickey videos and i’m thinking about doing some Shameless cast videos in the future too.

Other than the Mickey & Ian storyline what has been your favorite thing about Shameless?

Other than Ian and Mickey I would say all the story lines involving Fiona. Even though I love Ian and Mickey she’s my favorite character on the show and she makes a lot of mistakes and she tries to fix them and learns from them and she struggles and even though she does she manages to put everyone’s needs ahead of hers. Especially in season 3 when everyone is put into foster care and Fiona does her best to get them back and goes to court and ends up being their guardian even when the judge tells her she has to put her life on hold because there’s still Liam who’s only a kid she didn’t even hesitate to say yes.

Where can fans of your work go to find you…Youtube Channel, Twitter, Tumblr?

I only have a youtube account which is www.youtube.com/tiffanyxlove33 and I post all my videos there.
[youtube http://youtu.be/iQym1wysHJQ]

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