‘Hart of Dixie’ S3Ep7 "I Run to You"

When I said that I needed a Wade & Zoe episode I didn’t mean that one. Why must the writers tease us so??? It’s not fair. Excuse me while I pout…and stomp my feet.

Now I get that we all know that Wade & Zoe are endgame. The actors know it. The writers know it. The fans know it. You know who else knows it? Wade Kinsella, that’s who, but does he have to be such an ass about it? Hey, Wade you may want to start showing Zoe that you are the guy for her instead of telling her like some obnoxious Neanderthal. Just a thought my friend, just a thought.
On the other hand, the Joel kidnapping spectacle did give us the opportunity to revisit with Tansy’s brothers and I enjoyed them as much this time as I did last time. Can we keep them? Please? I know I said I wanted to keep Patrick a while back and I do. Come on now who wouldn’t want to look at Robert Buckley’s face every Monday and Lemon needs herself some romance. But since I’m a girl who fervently believes that first you need to love yourself before you can love someone else watching Lemon figure out who she is has been a pleasure.

You know what else will be a pleasure? Watching Lemon figure out how to be nice to Brick’s baby momma that’s what. How delicious is it that the fabulous Shelby is not only back, but she’s packing a baby Breeland? I swear I am in Hart of Dixie heaven right now. I wasn’t sure it got any better than that until….

It did. Last week I was certain that AB & Lavon were headed for splitsville city and then this week the writers went and got awesome by NOT breaking them up. A couple that actually managed to talk through their issues like mature adults. I don’t know, but I think that might have been a first for network television or at the very least for a show on The CW.
Do I like Lynly and George? No, seriously, I’m really asking. Because contrary to every fiber of my being I know, I should like them together. I know that, but it doesn’t seem to matter in the end because I adore them together. I have no idea where they are headed and for once, I don’t care.

As per usual, it is the nice folks of Bluebell that stole the show from those crazy brothers to Cricket discovering jam goes with everything Hart of Dixie would not be the same without them. Hell, sometimes I find them more entertaining than the main cast. Would it be too much to ask if they had an episode that was devoted solely to the supporting characters?

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