‘Hart of Dixie’ S3Ep05 "How Do You Like Me Now?"

Thanks to a brief scene between my favorite HoD couple, I spent the entire episode picturing a little Wanda or Tom running around Bluebell. So forgive me if this piece is a tad on the chipper side. I mean seriously can you just picture a pint-size version of Tom with a fishing pole in hand going down to the watering hole. It’s just too adorable for words and I don’t even like kids.
Although I am not a fan of a George and Zoe pairing, I am glad that Zoe finally called him on his absurd grudge he had been carrying around for the diminutive one. I get that he was hurt that she ended up falling for Wade, but come on now get over yourself. The guy was literally on his way to get married when Zoe and Wade got together. Was she really supposed to wait to see if he went through with it or not? I don’t think so. You’re cute George, but you’re not that cute.

But you know who is cute? Besides a baby girl with Wanda’s red hair – okay Mendie, move on. Lynly is cute. I don’t know what it is about her that makes me like her, but I do. So much so that I find myself shipping the not quite odd couple even though I know deep down they aren’t meant to last.
I’ve been reading that there are some HoD fans that don’t like Joel and to them I ask….why? Joel is awesome. Okay sure he isn’t Wade, but who cares. Right now he is perfect for Zoe. Now don’t go reading too much into that I don’t think Zoe and Joel are endgame. Because as Wade said everyone knows she is still in love with him. Right now Zoe is on a course that will eventually lead her back to Wade, but first she has to figure that out. So why not let her date a good guy for a little while? It would be too easy if all she dated were jerks. The only way this really works is if she dates a good guy. Sucks, I know, but hang in there Zade shippers we all know they’re endgame.

Now with a little bit of luck Lemon and Patrick will be endgame as well. Come back Robert Buckley, come back! I’m sorry Meatball, I still love you and wish you all the best, but Patrick has stolen my heart. I can’t believe that at one time I didn’t like Lemon. What the hell was I thinking? I blame Fox News. I have no reason to blame them, but I blame them for everything. Hole in the ozone? Fox News. No comics in the Sunday newspaper? Fox News.

It’s my recap I can blame who I want.

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