Look who’s getting a little ‘Shameless’

Awww….it looks like 2 of our favorite Gallaghers are getting themselves some new friends this coming season. According to The Hollywood Reporter Nick Gehlfuss and Emily Bergl will be joining the Shameless cast in Season 4 of the Showtime drama.

Bergl, previously seen on the critically acclaimed drama Southland, will be playing Sammy who just so happens to bear a strong resemblance to our favorite dead beat dad, Frank.

Former The Newsroom alum, Gehlfuss, will be playing Mike Pratt’s – Fiona’s boss and rumored boyfriend – brother Robbie and let’s just say Robbie is not a big fan our dear Mike or his relationship with Fi.

Filming on the fourth season is currently underway and will premiere on January 12th, 2014 at 9pm EST.

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