‘Hart of Dixie’ S3Ep4 "Help Me Make It Through the Night"

I have a confession. I am so in love with this show that I think I’m borderline insane. Even when the show isn’t focusing on my current relationship obsession – like I need to tell you who that is – there isn’t a section that I don’t enjoy. And now I have a new relationship to ship.

Dear Hart of Dixie Writers,
Please allow Robert Buckely – who played Peter on tonight’s episode – to stay in Bluebell for a very long time and let his character and the one and only Lemon Breeland to live happily ever after.


A Fan

Yes that is right I have jumped – perhaps prematurely – on the Lemon and Peter ship. But can you blame me? I mean seriously they are just too cute together. Unless you really think, she belongs with Meatball – whom I adore – or perhaps Captain Awesome or the douche with the plane. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I would like to thank George Tucker for cancelling the wedding to Lemon, because if Brick’s mother was any indication as to what Lemon could have potentially ended up like than he did us all a huge favor. What kind of grandmother would deliberately set her own granddaughter up with a jackass?

You know who isn’t a jackass? Joel. That’s right I said Joel. Say what you will about him he’s a good guy and he’s good for Zoe. Now don’t bite my head off. You know I’m Team Wade all the way, but that doesn’t mean they should be together right now. Any guy that is willing to throw himself on the proverbial grenade that is an angry Lavon Hayes is pretty okay in my book.

Plus I love that they are not only showing Wade’s growth by realizing that the only reason he was sleeping around is because he couldn’t be with Zoe, but that they are showing Zoe’s growth as well. Zoe of yesterday never would have admitted to blowing things out of proportion or when she has done something that is hypocritical.
Now granted Zoe was only doing so because she was trying to help Annabeth, but still…progress. Oh Annabeth, you adorable little Southern doll you. I hope you and Lavon have as many football-playing babies as you want. Now if we can just get Lavon to propose to you instead of planning movie night.  Hell, I’m just happy they got to do something other than be a prop for someone else’s story.

How great was it that Zoe was essentially a prop in another character’s storyline? This show is truly turning into an ensemble. I love the balance they are striving to achieve. As much as I love Zoe, the show works better when the focus is spread around and everyone gets his or her chance to shine.

Seen around Blubell

I would totally stand in line for a Dash DeWitt production.

How long are the Breeland’s going to make George pay for calling off the wedding? Doesn’t something like that have an expiration date?

On the other hand, George turned around and threw Crickett under the bus or rather in front of Lemon’s grandmother. Serves her right trying to freeze out the one and only Lemon Breeland.

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