‘Hart of Dixie’ Episode 3.02 "Friends in Low Places"

Do you think it’s possible that the writers knew all along that they were going to pair Lemon and Wade and that’s why they gave them those names just so they could have the excuse to christen them the greatest ship name ever to air on television? Well….do you? You know you do. Come on – LemonAde – is just to brilliant to not be planned out well in advance. I cannot bring myself to believe it was all just a happy coincidence.

Speaking of LemonAde – I swear it is too cute for words – I love their friendship. I don’t see them as a couple, and no it’s not because I am a diehard Zoe/Wade fan, but more because they have such a refreshing friendship that you don’t see on television all that much. Speaking as someone who has a completely platonic relationship with a guy – who I consider to be one of my best friends – I like that not ever female/male pairing has to be dripping with sexual tension or the possibility of something more. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice fantasy, but the Keith/Watts storyline has been played out.
Of course, that doesn’t mean that I want to see her with Captain Awesome. Actually, I’d rather see Lemon with Captain Awesome than with some stuffed shirt by the name of Carter Covington. I swear, can a name get any more pretentious? Unlike Meatball, – poor, poor Meatball – now that he has outed his torrid relationship with Lemon to the town it is doubtful he will be able to perform that thing he does so well on Lemon ever again. Or will he? I guess time will tell. One thing is for sure Lemon didn’t look all that upset when her chances with Captain Pretentious went out the window so maybe there is hope for this odd couple yet.

Unlike George who will be busy for the near future fending off the likes of Lavon’s cousin, Lynly, advances. Oh George, did no one ever tell you do not go home with the pretty stranger in the small town bar? Everyone knows she will end up related to the Mayor. Some men will just never learn.  If he was smart he would just own up to his err in judgment and thrown himself at the mercy of Lavon, because I would not want to be in his shoes when the big man finds out.
On the other hand, maybe it will help drag Lavon, and possibly Annabeth as well, out of the storyline wasteland. Why are they wasting these two talented people on party hosting and giving a book a bad review? I know that having Lavon be at odds with Joel is good drama, but no no no no no no. Give Lavon a real storyline! Has he really moved on from Lemon? Holy hell I can’t think of another possible storyline which just shows you how badly he needs one.  And don’t get me started on Annabeth. She went from having her own business to hosting parties; are you freaking kidding me! Okay, okay I’m calm now. Let’s move on shall we?

Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. Can we talk, girl to girl? Good, I like Joel. No, really, I do and I’m glad that you are in a nice, drama-free relationship. It’s just that please tell me you are going to go back to work eventually. Please. I know last season I may have on occasion made fun of the absurdity of you being a doctor and yes, I may have found it laughable when you would start spewing out stuff that sounded better on Reno 911. I know all these things, but here’s the truth….I miss you being a doctor in a small town. The banter that would happen between you and Brick was priceless. So get up and get your dad’s practice back.  Then when you are done with that we can start working on building your trust in Wade back up.

Heard around Blue Belle:

Raise your hand if you think Tom is secretly a genius…..hmmmm, just me?

This is neither here nor there, but they may want to think about putting a sign out warning people about Ant Hill Rock. I’m just saying.

God help me I love Meatball and I love Lemon. I love Lemon and Meatball. Why can’t they have a cute ship name like LemonAde or even Zade? But not Zorge, never Zorge.

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