10 MUST see Horror Films you probably haven’t seen but should this Halloween Season!


Halloween is just around the corner kiddies, and for all of you die-hard horror fiends out there, I have quite a few surprises in store for you. And no, I’m not talking those block buster seasonal shenanigans known as “Halloween” or “Friday the 13th!” I’m talking more specifically about the red headed step children of the genre, the lesser known gems of the indie horror circuit. The “Little Guys” of the blood soaked punch bowl of VHS rejected “Have you seen this FILM” labeled discount bin fillers. Get the picture!!! Well, if not, I have a list of 10 of the most spine-tingling, adrenaline inducing, DON”T GO IN THE GAWD-DAMN BASEMENT yelling, under-the-radar fright films that the genre has ever produced on a shoe-string budget!!  So do me a favor, grab yourself some popcorn and get ready for some restless nights readers, because these films are intended for the gore hounds who want the substance with their shock….and….away we go, enjoy!!!



You can’t beat a horror movie with a scary killer clown involved. The plot may seem to have a few nuts and bolts missing, however, don’t let that fool you from the great time you’ll have watching this film. If watching maniacs dressing up as full grown, creepy as hell clown marionettes and hiding inside the victim’s house is your thing, well look no further than Amusement.


No, I’m not talking about the 80’s slasher staring Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne, I’m talking about the highly under-rated 2007 Anthology Halloween movie. Every since the first viewing of this film, I knew I had a new All Hallow’s Eve favorite and I have continued the tradition of watching this little treat every Halloween since. This is not only one of my favorite seasonal movies, but it’s quite possible in my top five favorite movies of all time. “Sam” is a new horror icon that has endless possibilities. If there was ever a single horror movie that actually deserved a franchise, this movie is it! That’s how high I think of this movie. Great story, great acting and one hell of an ending!!!

MANIAC (1981) (2012)

maniacThere really isn’t one horror movie from the 80’s that packs a punch the way MANIAC does, but that’s the 80’s version. What you may not know, is that a far superior remake was made last year starring Elijah Wood as the mannequin obsessed psychotic serial killer that some of us loved from the original. If you haven’t seen either one of these films, you better pick both up and enjoy the carnage!


WTF is Splinter, you may be asking yourself right about now. Have no fear my ghoulish friends, this film combines “The Thing” with “Critters” in a laugh out loud blood bath that has some of the most unique and creative death scenes I’ve ever seen on film. Taking a love of all things latex and corn syrup, it’s ode to 80’s horror is abundantly clear in such a crystal clear stroke of genius way,  you’ll have a blast watching what can only be described as a zombie porcupine alien hybrid wreak havoc on a group of victims locked up inside a gas station. Trust me when I say, it’s a winner!

 VHS AND VHS 2 (2012 & 2013)


Technically, I should’ve titled the header as “11 MUST see horror films..” because I couldn’t pick which one of these two films within this new horror franchise I wanted you to see more. I love anthology films and I especially love anthology films within my favorite genre. This franchise is so creepy and over the top, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite franchise series to watch back to back. I can only hope they start filming a VHS 3 to feed my growing hunger for more of this film series!

INSIDE (2007)

Inside is the story of a soon-to-be-mother who’s locked inside her house, ALONE while some crazy woman is trying to get inside her house to cut out her unborn child. And oh yea..I forgot to mention there’s a brief scene of  a Zombie! What could go wrong, this film will pound you in the face only for you to ask for another round! This is one movie I can honestly say is a true “One of a kind” viewing. You’ll be questioning WTF just happened every five minutes, but it’ll be worth it.


Honestly, in my heart, this movie is the greatest “Werewolf” movie ever made outside of “An American Werewolf in London.” If you enjoy war movies mixed in with your dedication to all things horror, this movie is for you. And to this day, this is one of the finest examples of a werewolf ever depicted on film!! EAT MY ASS UNDERWORLD!!!!


An Aussie horror tale about a prom date gone horribly wrong. This movie has actually gained a ton of media exposure as of lately, and rightfully so. It mixes its dark sense of humor with its ultra violence pretty damn well. And need I mention its spectacular leads who give great performances. It’s truly a unique experience that you should enjoy with your loved ones over the age of 18.

FEAST (2005)

How could you go wrong with a movie who gathers a bunch of victims (they actually give you betting odds on who might live and die) trapped inside of a bar with murderous rampaging monsters lurking outside trying to get inside to tear every person apart limb from limb. One of the greatest selling points of the movie besides Henry Rollins, the don’t give you some back story of anyone, or monster..the chaos just unfolds and you could care less where these evil creatures came from. By the end, you’re eventually rooting for the monsters to wreck shop and go home to their family.

MAY (2002)

Hell, I have to admit, I have a thing for crazy women in horror movies. But the lead in “May” takes the blood soaked cake!! She’s sweet, innocent, nerdy and just a tad off her rockers. Did I say innocent?? Sorry about that, towards the end she’s a raving lunatic who wants to piece together her own formula for Frankenstein by hacking off limbs of ex-lovers! Damn, I should’ve mentioned spoiler alert somewhere, oh well, that’s just part of the maniacal enjoyment of this highly entertaining Lucky McGee film.


Here’s a start to your Halloween calendar of events to enjoy this year and continue to stay with us here at Honest Reviews Corner as I’ll have a follow-up next week, 10 MORE MUST SEE HORROR MOVIES!!!  Enjoy this ghoulish time of year readers and remember to keep the doors locked, the lights low, put the kids in bed and enjoy some heart pounding, throat slashing indie horror entertainment..oh, and if you have a moment to send some feedback in my general direction or have any ideas on a movie that you think I should’ve included, leave your comments down below! Anyway, see you next week! Have a blast kiddies!


  1. Good list, Kyle. I agree with “Trick R’ Treat.” I don’t know why it’s not more popular.
    I’ve had both Maniacs on my Netflix queue since I heard about the film on the Horror 101 podcast. They were huge fans of the original, then shocked by how good the remake was.

  2. Good list, Kyle. I agree with “Trick R’ Treat.” I don’t know why it’s not more popular.
    I’ve had both Maniacs on my Netflix queue since I heard about the film on the Horror 101 podcast. They were huge fans of the original, then shocked by how good the remake was.

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