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A few months ago I was looking for a way to pass the long months from Season 3 to Season 4 so I started to write character spotlight pieces. Except, it soon dawned on me that once they were done with I had no idea what to pass next year’s hiatus with. Then it hit me that one of the great thing’s about Shameless is its fans.  From gifs, to fan fictions, to videos, fans of Shameless are a dedicated and talented bunch, so I figured this time around I would feature the fans of the show.

If you are a fan of the Showtime drama Shameless than an introduction to Ian and Mickey isn’t necessary. If you are an Ian and Mickey shipper the term Gallavich (you can thank a couple of Brits for that one, hi ladies) needs no explanation.To say that the fans that ship Gallavich are a dedicated bunch would be the understatement of the year. If you need proof just check out Tumblr using the hashtag Ian x Mickey or Gallavich and see what comes up.
Being apart of this fandom affords me a front row seat to some of the best fan made tributes, including the fan made video created by Bela Talbot (their name on YouTube, you may known this person better from their Tumblr blog Crowleysayskeepthemuffins). Recently, I had a chance to ask Bela what was it about Ian and Mickey that made her want to make a video dedicated to Gallavich and their relationship.

What made you decide to make a video dedicated to Ian & Mickey?

I have always loved messing around with Final Cut (the video editing program I use) and something about Ian and Mickey inspired to me to make a video. I feel like their story is so intricate and sometimes we forget these grand moments or even just these tiny looks. I wanted to be able to put that all in one place and put music to it that really moved me.

Why do you think these characters have made such an impression with fans?

I think that the fans have been struck so much by their relationship because it’s very raw. Personally, I don’t get that invested in romantic relationships on television or in film because I never connect strongly enough. I find often times the friendships and sibling/family relationships grip me more. But Ian and Mickey – I don’t even know where to start. It’s the most accurate representation of pure love and heartbreak. It really cuts you to the core and the honesty of it all makes it hard to watch at times but you can never look away. It’s just very raw.

Does the song hold any special meaning for you?

My roommate actually showed me the song for the first time. I never listen to the radio because I have all the music I like on my itunes that I figure, why waste time flipping through stations full of crap? But honestly I was surprised I liked the song so much. I’m not sure it holds any specific special meaning aside from the fact I immediately thought of Ian and Mickey. It’s a beautiful song, but now I can’t listen to it and not think of them haha.

What made you decide to use this song for your video?

It’s very random what songs I decide to do videos to. There may be songs that seem perfect and the lyrics are the characters exactly but I just don’t feel it. I heard this song and literally began to see a video unfold in my mind. I’m not sure what more to say besides it simply fit.

What is your favorite Ian & Mickey moment?

Oh god I don’t know. I’ve thought long and hard about this and discussed with many fans. I think that one of my favorite scenes is the fight in 3×09. It breaks my heart because there is so much in that scene that is all subtext. I don’t think it was really about either one hurting the other but much more a personification of everything happening inside them. Noel and Cameron did such a fantastic job in that scene. Truly outstanding and it constantly breaks my heart.

Aside from Ian & Mickey who is your favorite character and why?

I’d have to say that it would be Fiona. I relate very much to her character on a personal level and I think Emmy does a fantastic job. It’s great to have a character making mistakes and getting kicked down over and over and watching her get back up because what else is she going to do? Her role isn’t glorified as a hero and that’s important to me. She is a strong badass woman and that’s amazing but not necessarily special and rare. I just think she’s great and she’s a huge inspiration to many people struggling.

Aside from Ian & Mickey what was your favorite storyline?

Definitely Sheila and Karen. I really dislike Karen’s character and to be honest I don’t think I really got the storyline at first. I used all my energy yelling at everything Karen did, but when she came back in season three and Sheila came up to her room apologizing. It really struck me and I finally got that their relationship was very tragic. I still don’t like her but I empathize with why she was the way she was more, and Sheila is just a fantastic character. Her storyline has gripped my heart.

What do you hope to see in the Season 4?

I hope to see more interactions between Mickey and the rest of the Gallaghers. I also hope to see Fiona and Mandy come to some sort of truce because I think they are very similar and that’s why clash so much. And obviously, I really hope that Ian comes right back and he and Mickey can continue developing their relationship. The amount of incredible character development between them as a couple and as individual characters has been so strong we can’t stop now. I’ll most likely never get over it if they’re not endgame.
[youtube http://youtu.be/uwKy3B-xCNc]

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