Review: Pimlico Road ‘The Harmony Tree’

Having left London for the Country lifestyle, Folk family band Pimlico Road showcase a plethora of influences on their debut. Staying true to its namesake, ‘The Harmony Tree’ has rich, lively vocal harmony in abundance, which (when combined with soothing acoustics and earthy, minimalistic instrumentation), creates an ideal environment for the tranquil, laid-back listening experience that ‘The Harmony Tree’ offers.

‘Losing Carolina’ is a feel-good track that instantly sets the tone as soon as the acoustics ring out. With its subtle instrumentation and less-is-more approach, it shines through in its simplicity. It’s the kind of track that could easily lift any mood and clear even the most troubled of minds. If Pimlico Road have lost Carolina, they have certainly found something else – a standout track and solid opener.

‘Those Days’ is a walk down memory lane set to the tune of bright acoustics and minimal percussion. It’s a mix of the Beatles with the Modern-day musings of Ray Lamontagne and Amos Lee. A track like this brings to mind wide open plains and country roads (with neither the hum drum nor the elbow-to-elbow congestion of city life). ‘Those Days’ is a walk down Pimlico Road, a road that is vibrant, full of life, and simplistic in a way that makes it a true art form – proving that one doesn’t need a wall of sound to break through walls and touch lives.

‘The Harmony Tree’ is a back to basics journey that embraces the true nature and essence of Folk and Americana. With melodies and arrangements as organic and natural as the harmony tree itself, Pimlico Road have crafted a true gem, and though they may have come together by accident, this wrong turn in life is certainly taking them in the right direction.

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