New Girl – "All In" 3×01

ng_30_bath_group_1_2813_R2.jpgSo here we are, once again, with Jessica Day on our screens. Was it the best episode of New Girl ever? No. Was it the funniest episode of New Girl ever? No. Was it a strong and funny episode of New Girl? Absolutely!

Here’s the truth, I’m just so beyond happy to have these stupid characters on my screen. (We will just skip over the fact that I made my family sit and watch a marathon of the entirety of season 1 on Netflix this summer….or that I plan to do the same thing a soon as I possibly can with season 2). Because, let’s be real guys, I have missed Nick Miller and his sad, pitiful ways.

This episode is called “All In”, but maybe they should have called it “Bad Decisions” because oh my god are there so many bad decisions. Not only do Nick and Jess wind up in Mexico, with no money, but Nick winds up in resort jail. There he shreds his passport. Not that I, or probably anyone else was terribly surprised at this. This show is fueled by Nick’s  bad decisions.

I think the poignant part of this episode, at least for me, was the only reason Nick was so adamant to stay in Mexico is because he was scared. And honestly who can’t relate to that? Not going somewhere, or doing something, because you’re scared to death a perfect thing could far apart (not that Nick and Jess are perfect, even in Mexico). But, the part that makes the Nick/Jess shipper in me (if you don’t know that lingo, just ask), scream is that he’s not scared of going home, or this relationship anymore. He’s scared of losing Jess, and if that doesn’t make your heart flutter, something is WRONG WITH YOU! WRONG, I say. I should point out, Jess is just as scared, but is a little bit braver, braver than she would’ve been at the beginning of Season 1. (Remember that girl who was wearing the same three outfits because she was afraid of confrontation?)

The part of me who loves Nick, with or without Jess, is sobbing because, can you say character development. Maybe not a lot, but this IS Nick, being scared out of his pants, and not only ADMITTING IT, but FACING IT. With out jokes, or moonwalk-ing away. Oh my god I am so excited for this season.

Then there’s Schmidt. Schmidt who really does love both Cece and Elizabeth. So much he can’t say no to either of them. Yes, it’s a douche move, but let’s be honest, he already has a jar dedicated to this. I think he’s going to have to do some serious thinking about this. But, I really hope it happens soon, because it makes me anxious. (I honestly don’t think I’ll be disappointed with who he chooses either way. I love both of them, and they both make him better, you know?)

Finally, finallywe have Winston. Who spends the entirety of the episode being weird about puzzles. This is what is so good about this show. They take a stupid joke, like Winston sucking at puzzles, and interweave it into the plot, using it as a device, as comedic relief, without it getting old. He’s colorblind, and he sucks at puzzles, and by the end of the episode it’s still funny.

This show is so great. I have yet to be disappointed by it, and hopefully I never will be. I can not wait for next week. Tell me what you thought in the comments or on twitter! (@CareyGrace) See you next time!

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