‘Under the Dome’ Episode 1.07 "Imperfect Circles"

I’m just going to say it…these people are freaking nuts. No, seriously though they’re all shades of crazy. I mean how long have they actually been stuck inside that dome? A week, week in a half maybe and so far a girl has been kidnapped, that same girl was almost raped, a woman was murdered over her freezer full of meat. Lord do I wish that was the punch line to a really bad joke.

A crazy kid was made a deputy. In all fairness to Linda she doesn’t actually know that Junior is currently residing smack dab in the center of the cuckoo’s nest. A possibly even crazier Councilman (blowing my mind too) has now killed 2 men because they got in his way. Watch out Angie, Junior might be the nicer of the two Rennies.
The town revolted and began to loot stores and homes over the possibility of running out of water and the same two guys who killed Rose and attempted to rape Angie gas-jacked Julia as she was making her way with neighbor, who just so happened to be in labor, to the hospital.

Oh and did I mention that this neighbor went in to labor just as she “touched” her husband? Of course that is nothing compared to the fact that Norrie saw her mom while she and Joe were huddled around a baby dome.

Yes, that’s right a baby freaking dome. At first I thought it was an eye, but now I don’t know what to think. Is it an egg? A weird cocoon? What is it? Ahhhhhh.

But as I said earlier the town is crazy. So much so that it makes me wonder how they were able to get by pretending to be the picture of Normal, USA for so long? I bet the stress of constantly hiding who they are is what caused the dome to come down. It senses crazy and tries to contain it before it spreads to the rest of the world.

Apparently Julia is the type that forgets her husband is missing the moment a hot guy saunters into town. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude, I couldn’t care less who Julia beds. Hell, Barbie is hot. But are we really supposed to believe that Julia would go from having complete faith in her husband’s love for her to “Hey, Barbie is cute and I like him so why not?” in less than 2 weeks time? I don’t think so, but whatever.
I would like to take a moment of silence for the recently departed Alice Calvert the dome’s most recent casualty. Alice we barely had the chance to decide whether we liked you or not.

I bet Big Jim never thought a guy like Ollie Dinsmore was going to be his main competition for control of the town. That is one bad-ass farmer. Although I have a feeling that unless Big Jim is taken out for good Ollie isn’t going to remain top dog for long.

No Dodee or Phil this episode. Don’t those writers know they are my favorites and need to be on every moment of every episode? Did they not get the memo?

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