‘The Newsroom’ Episode 2.04 "Unintended Consequences"

When I would picture what I thought was going to happen to Maggie never in a million years did I picture something as understated as what happened during “Unintended Consequences”.  Which is what made it so heartbreaking.  I expected horror and bloodshed and instead I got a story.  I expected torture.  I expected screams.  What I got was something that much more powerful, because it wasn’t until Maggie was standing in front of the mirror that my own tears started to fall.

At first I wasn’t sure what was happening.  I kept expecting more and more never came. I kept waiting for the rest of the story to unfold.  For men with guns to burst in or for them to be captured.  I didn’t expect for the one casualty to be a little boy.  I didn’t expect for the story to be so simple.  Have the big news stories of today made it so I have become so desensitized to anything less than all out warfare?  If they have at least I haven’t become so unfeeling that the story of a boy named Daniel failed to elicit any emotional reaction whatsoever.  I don’t know where Maggie is going to go from here, but one thing is clear she isn’t the same Maggie we knew from Season 1.
I have no idea what to think about Operation Genoa.  There are just enough crumbs being laid out to that I can see how easily it would be for someone to believe the story was real.  Hell a part of me believes that it really happened so I can’t really blame Jerry for believing it’s real.  Of course I still don’t know the story, but from the little I know of it now I can’t help but to be on Jerry’s side.

On the other hand I am completely against the girl punching Neal.  He didn’t deserve that.  Will deserved it, but not Neal.  Of course Will was right, mean, but still right.  I am one of the 99% and I had no idea what the Occupy Wall Street was really all about other than bankers were bad, people good.  Which when said in my head sounds a lot like “Hitler Bad, Vandals Good”.

It bugs me that I can’t decide whether I like Will.  He really is an ass and a smug one at that and I absolutely hate that despite his smugness I can’t help but to like him.  I imagine that is how his co-workers feel most of the time.

Right now I imagine MacKenzie is wondering, like I am, what was the point of Jim going on the campaign trail?  I know that it was a way to show that he was attempting to move on from Maggie, but frankly the storyline seemed pointless and out-of-place.  It would seem that everyone, except perhaps Jim, knew it was pointless and he didn’t belong there.  On the bright side it did make for a nifty excuse to bring in Constance Zimmer and Grace Gummer for a few episodes so there’s that.  I’m just glad he’s coming back to News Night where he belongs.

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