Teen Wolf Episode 3.12 "Lunar Ellipse" Season 3A Finale

Last episode, Scott, Allison and Stiles became temporary sacrifices for their parents, submerging themselves into icy waters, their fates unknown. This week, the finale of season 3A of Teen Wolf rolls around and we finally manage to see the Demon Wolf himself in action.

The episode begins with Scott, Allison and Stiles waking up in their tubs, soaked, in a huge white room. They exit the tubs and notice a large tree stump protruding through the floor – the Nemeton. Scott reaches down to touch the stump with his fingers, and seems to be transported back to the woods on the night he first got bit by Peter. He sees his past self find Laura Hale’s body, and when he backs away, he bumps into the stump of the Nemeton. Stiles also finds himself back on that night, watching himself and Scott enter the woods looking for the dead body. He sees his father catch his past self, and turns around to see the Nemeton. Allison and her mother are driving on a nearby road and swerve when they nearly hit a bitten Scott. Past Allison demands to be taken back, and present Allison looks to her side to see the Nemeton. The three wake up in Deaton’s Clinic, talking about their visions and the connection they all have to the Nemeton and its location. Deaton informs them that they were out for 16 hours, and have just 4 hours before moonrise, and the full moon.

At Derek’s loft, Cora helps Derek drink some water – she’s healed, all thanks to him. Peter chimes in, reminding Derek that he’s drained his battery while Kali is on her way to rip him limb from limb. Stiles tries to convince Scott to stay instead of returning to the Alphas, but Scott doesn’t believe they can defeat Jennifer without Deucalion’s help. Deaton backs him up, saying that he can use Deucalion as the bait to get Jennifer. Ethan arrives in the clinic, looking for Lydia, hoping she can talk his brother out of helping Kali to kill Derek. In the Nemeton, Chris is still fiddling around with his ultrasonic emitter, but worries that it won’t last much longer. The entire cellar suddenly begins to shake as a storm rages outside, raining dust onto them. Lydia and Ethan go to Derek, warning him that Kali knows about the lunar eclipse and won’t wait for it to come to “even the playing field”. Peter advises that they run instead of being slaughtered, and Cora backs him up. Derek asks how they know he’s going to lose, and Lydia says that she feels like she’s standing in a graveyard.

Scott sends Stiles to his house to get something that he can use to track the Sheriff’s scent. He, Isaac and Allison go to the Argent’s house but they are halted by Scott’s dad and two deputies, waiting in Chris’ office, weapons laid out on the table. Scott has an awkward moment with his father, while Kali arrives at Derek’s loft. She’s annoyed that only Lydia and Ethan are in the loft, and she can’t get an answer out of them as Lydia keeps sassing her. Kali goes to attack her but Aiden growls, stopping her. Downstairs, Derek and Cora leave, with Peter warning them not to call until they’re at least 100 miles away. Agent McCall is talking about how disturbing it is that the victims all seem connected to Scott and his friends, including the disappearances of the guardians, and Isaac points out that both of his are dead. Scott notices some flashbang arrows on the desk.

Kali is questioning if Aiden took his assignment to get close to Lydia too seriously, and wonders where Aiden’s loyalties lie. Jennifer Blake comes crashing dramatically through the ceiling, with the power to easily repel Kali’s attacks. The twins then go to fight, but before they can merge, Jennifer rips them away from each other, and then goes to face of with Kali. She shows off her power by telekinetically lifting up all the broken glass to float around her. Kali manages to choke out that she should have ripped her head off, and Jennifer throws all the glass towards her, killing Kali instantly. The twins have secretly been merging again and go to attack Jennifer, but she then grabs their combined neck and snaps it. Stiles is driving to meet up with Scott, but the storm is making it difficult for him to drive. In the Argent’s apartment, Agent McCall is threatening to detain the three, but Allison reminds him he can’t do it without a warrant, and that her father is a federally licensed firearms dealer, justifying him to own some weapons. She begins naming them, then grabs a smoke grenade and uses the distraction to let Scott, Isaac and herself escape. Stiles is trying to get through the storm, but visibility is low and he ends up crashing head-on into a tree, bleeding and unconscious.

Jennifer approached a terrified Lydia to show her her true face, and Lydia screams. A fleeing Derek and Cora hear her and decide that they have to go back. Allison, Scott and Isaac arrive at the preserve and are worried that they haven’t heard from Stiles. Deucalion joins them, and Scott tells Isaac to get Stiles and then the cellar while and Deucalion keep Jennifer busy for long enough for their parents to escape. Cora comforts Lydia as she stares at the bodies of Kali and the merged twins, while Jennifer tries to convince Derek of her cause. She then changes tactic and says that he can help her to get the parents back by coming with him to get Deucalion in the “right place at the right time”. Derek mentions that she managed to kill three of the Alpha Pack and she doesn’t really need him, but she says that Deucalion will be at full power and she doesn’t stand a chance without him. She promises to release the parents if he helps her defeat Deucalion during the eclipse. Isaac and Allison are searching for the Nemeton, and Isaac hears Chris’ ultrasonic emitter, and the two find their way into the root cellar. As they enter, sinkholes begin to appear around the stump, and they begin to untie the parents. In the loft, Lydia and Cora are about to leave when the twins separate and they realize that they’re still alive.

Scott and Deucalion arrive at the distillery, and Scott sends a video to Jennifer, taunting her. There are 29 minutes until the eclipse, and the cellar is collapsing around the parents, Isaac and Allison. Lydia and Cora go to Deaton for help, and he tries to save the twins. Jennifer arrives with Derek, and Deucalion makes a quip about brother vs. brother. Deucalion then begins to shift into the Demon Wolf, and yeah I can see why he’s the Demon Wolf – his face shifts into a black almost-mask, his eyes glowing and red, and we can understand why Jennifer needed to much power to face him. In the collapsing cellar, the stairs collapse and Isaac tries to hold up one of the main supports. Deucalion easily dispatches of Derek and Jennifer, and demands that Scott kill her, but when he refuses, he lets out an Alpha roar that causes Scott to fall and transform. He then tries to convince him by saying that the storm will stop when Jennifer dies, and the parents will be saved. Deucalion urges Scott to become an Alpha and a killer, but Scott says that his parents are alive and that his pack will save them. Isaac however is losing his strength. Deaton places oxygen masks on the twins and injects them with something. Deucalion drops Jennifer and grabs Scott’s clawed hand, intending to force him to kill her. However Scott says that he forgot to tell Deucalion what Gerard told him – he’s not always blind. He drops the flashbang arrows he found in the Argent’s apartment, and the eclipse begins and everyone returns to human form.

Just as the cellar is about to collapse, Stiles arrives and shoves an aluminum bat under the beam, and hugs his father. Jennifer arrives in her true form and throws Scott across the room, then she begins bashing Deucalion’s head in. Derek mentions that Deucalion hasn’t seen how she’s suffered since he can’t see her face. She heals his eyes, but weakens herself to the point that she can’t deliver the final blow. Derek refuses to kill him, and Jennifer turns on him. The eclipse ends and Derek gets his strength back. Jennifer pulls back and does the awesome Mountain Ash trick that Morrell did, forming a circle around her. She says that she’ll kill the parents and then have the power to kill Deucalion. Scott steps up to the line of Ash and presses, the force field popping up. Jennifer mocks him, but Scott calmly continues to push against it – his eyes finally become a solid red. Jennifer’s smile falls as he pushes through the barrier, finally breaking through and knocking Jennifer to the floor. Jennifer is just as shocked as Deucalion and Derek. Scott says that he’s an Alpha and demands that the storm end, and if she doesn’t he’ll kill her himself, not caring abut the colour of his eyes. Deucalion then steps forward and slashes her throat instead, and the storm ends. In the clinic, the twins wake up, and Stiles calls Scott, asking him to bring a ladder. Derek and Scott decide to let a now healed (and adorable) Deucalion go, in the hopes that he can be a man again, and threaten him that if he doesn’t stop he’ll never see them coming.

It then cuts to the next day where Chris is putting away his weapons, but Allison tells him of Deaton’s warning that Beacon Hills will become an actual beacon, and they should be prepared. She also says they need a new code – “We protect those who cannot protect themselves”. Derek and Cora pack their bags and leave the loft, and in a voiceover Scott mentions that he doesn’t know if they’re coming back. Agent McCall knocks on Scott’s door, but as soon as he sees him he slams the door in his face, Melissa giggling around the corner. Scott arrives at school and sees Aiden and Lydia flirting, Danny and Ethan holding hands and Allison and Isaac laughing together. Scott says that he and Stiles feel the darkness like Deaton said they would, but instead of looking at the darkness he looks for his friends, and Stiles wraps an arm around his shoulder. Deaton asks what happened to Jennifer, but Scott doesn’t know. However in the woods, Jennifer is crawling towards the Nemeton, hoping it will save her. Before she can touch it, a clawed hand grabs her – it’s Peter freaking Hale. She laughs, and says that now Scott’s an Alpha, he can steal the status from him and become an Alpha again. Peter gets angry at the word ‘again’ and slices her throat, then proceeds to yell to the sky in a dramatic fashion that he has “ALWAYS BEEN THE ALPHA!”

The finale was as beautiful as I hoped it would be, and although I’m not sure if Peter is actually an Alpha or if he’s just delusional, he’s certainly returned to his dramatic self. Season 3A has been a complete step up from previous seasons and I am extremely excited for season 3B, whenever that may come out, and we’ll hopefully see more of Alpha Scott.

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