Teen Wolf Episode 3.10 "The Overlooked"

Last week, we discovered the extremely shocking revelation (note the sarcasm) that Jennifer Blake, the always-happy English teacher was the Darach, and that Lydia Martin is indeed a banshee. This week, a storm rages across Beacon Hills as the pack fights to save Cora and deal with Jennifer.

The episode begins at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital where a storm is raging while patients are being wheeled out and evacuated. Melissa McCall is the head of evacuation, organizing everyone, when a doctor mentions that he has to leave because his hometown is on flood watch, and that only one of his patients hasn’t been evacuated – Cora Hale, whom Peter is tending to. He yells out for a doctor and is found by Melissa, who is shocked to see him alive, but before they can say anything more Cora’s vitals go crazy and she vomits up black blood and mistletoe. Jennifer rushes into Derek’s loft, embracing him while she maintains her innocence before realizing that he already knows, as Stiles and Scott step forward and demand the location of the Sheriff. She denies everything until Scott throws mistletoe at her, revealing her identity. Derek grabs her by the throat, but she pleads that she is the only way they can save Cora and the Sheriff. He drops her and the four of them head to the hospital where Peter calls Derek from, updating him on Cora’s situation. Jennifer mentions that she’s not helping them because she has to, but because she wants to – explaining her side to Derek, who really doesn’t care. Stiles is suspicious of her, saying that she’s acting like everything is still part of her plan. At the hospital Stiles pulls out a baseball bat, and the four run inside, heading to Cora past Melissa. She explains that there are two ambulances coming in ten and twenty minutes, and Cora has to be on one of those.

The four of them find Cora’s exam room empty, but a trail of black blood leads through a set of double doors, through which Peter Hale is thrown out of. At the other end of the corridor the merged twins roar in front of an unconscious Cora. Derek and Scott attack them while Stiles and Peter grab Cora and escape. Scott tries to reason with the twins while Jennifer backs down the hall and into the elevator – it’s her they’re after. Downstairs, Deucalion and Kali enter the hospital and spot Jennifer. Deucalion throws his spear-cane at her and Kali sprints forward to the elevator and manages to grab the doors before they fully close. However Jennifer channels some badass Darach power to slam her back, and the doors close. Derek, Scott, Stiles, Peter and Cora are still being chased, and they hide in an operating room. Stiles attacks the Alpha twins with his baseball bat, which shatters, and Scott smacks them in the face with a ceiling light. Allison and Isaac are still at the school after the recital, unable to get hold of anyone. Isaac realizes that Cora is at Beacon Memorial and that he can’t leave her there with just Peter, and Chris offers to drive just as the power to the school goes out. At the hospital, Melissa finds Deucalion’s cane sticking out of the wall. He takes it from her and she sasses him, recognizing him as the “bad guy”. The pack bring Cora into an operating room and realize that they’ve lost Jennifer, and Stiles begins to yell at Derek when they realize that Cora isn’t getting any better. Jennifer returns and says that she is the only person who can help Cora and tell them where the Sheriff is, but only if they help her get out safely.

Peter suggests torturing her when Melissa’s voice comes over the PA system. She explains that Deucalion wants them to bring him Jennifer. Jennifer explains that Deucalion won’t kill her, and lets out Scott’s secret – that he’s a True Alpha. Scott and Peter plan to distract the Alpha twins, but since they are both betas they’re going to need a weapon – Scott finds some epinephrine, which Peter injects straight into his heart to make himself stronger. Together the two are able to distract the twins for long enough for everyone to get down to the basement. They put Cora inside, but Jennifer realizes that the driver of the ambulance is dead – then Kali appears, calling out for “Julia”, who she then recognizes as Jennifer. Derek decides that they’ll run, and they head into an elevator while Stiles stays with Cora. Meanwhile on the roof, Melissa has shown Deucalion where he can switch off all the emergency power to the hospital, leaving Derek and Jennifer stuck in the elevator. Deucalion then releases Melissa for a “gesture of good will”. Stiles realizes that Cora isn’t breathing and performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until she begins to breathe again, while Derek realizes that there’s no way out of the elevator without alerting the Alphas. Peter’s adrenalin shot wears off and Scott helps Peter to get away from the Alphas, and Scott receives a text from Derek telling him that they’re trapped and nobody’s escaped the hospital. Stiles is talking to an unconscious Cora about all of his worries, and mentions that he doesn’t want to find his dad’s corpse. Chris, Allison and Isaac enter the hospital with weapons drawn; Scott and Peter make it to the ambulance. Stiles helps Peter into the vehicle (totally touching his butt on the way) and Scott heads back to look for Derek and his mom. The Alpha twins then attack Scott, when Melissa appears and uses the defibrillator to electrocute them, and they fall back unmerged.

In the elevator, Jennifer tries to convince Derek that she isn’t evil, but he doesn’t care and tells her to be quiet. In the morgue, Kali and Deucalion are talking – Kali thinks that Deucalion was wrong in releasing Melissa, but Deucalion turns the conversation around on Kali. It’s then revealed that Jennifer used to be Julia Baccari and she’d been Kali’s emissary before she joined the Alpha pack. In a flashback, Kali is shown leaving a mutilated Jennifer on the ground, and Deputy Stilinski finds her body. Jennifer picks up the story, saying that she only survived because of the spark of power in the Nematon – a virgin sacrifice for when Derek killed Paige. She then explains that she is taking the power of the sacrificed groups as a “loan” so she has the power to kill the Alpha pack. Derek points out that she’s murdered innocent people, and she turns it around, mentioning his true eye color. She reveals her entire plan revolves around the lunar eclipse, during which all werewolves completely lose their power. Scott and Melissa run into Chris, Allison and Isaac, and they all come up with a plan to get everyone out of the hospital, while keeping Jennifer alive. They co-ordinate the plan, and then begin. Derek opens the elevator, distracting the twins while Allison runs through the hospital in Jennifer’s shoes, catching the attention of the twins. Isaac takes off towards the underground garage; Kali and the twins catch up with Allison outside and realize that they’ve been fooled. She then fires arrows at them while Chris fires several rounds, and on the roof Melissa restores the power.

Isaac arrives in the garage and Stiles and Peter load Cora into the SUV – while Stiles notices a medical form that has the line “Signature – Parent or Guardian” and now he realizes that the Darach is going after parents (which I figured out last week, might I add. He takes off upstairs, and Scott finds an unconscious Derek in the elevator, Jennifer is gone. Peter convinces a reluctant Isaac to leave, and they drive off safely with Cora in the back. Scott races towards the roof where his mother is gone, and Deucalion is waiting. Deucalion makes him a deal – if Scott can help Deucalion catch the Darach then Deucalion will get Melissa and the Sheriff back. Stiles arrives just in time, begging Scott not to go with him, but Scott says that he has no choice, vowing to get the Sheriff back, and leaves with Deucalion. In the druid Nematon basement, Melissa and the Sheriff are tied up.

I loved the Kali/Jennifer relationship in this episode, the backstory for Jennifer’s actions (who I absolutely adore) and of course, the butt touch. I will never retract my statement that this is the best season of Teen Wolf, it’s stepped it up quite a few notches and I am thrilled to see what happens on the lunar eclipse.

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