‘Rookie Blue’ Episode 4.07 "Friday the 13th"

Noelle’s back! Noelle’s back! Okay so she’s not technically back until the next episode, but to hell with waiting I am celebrating now! WooHoo!

Alright back to events of this weeks episode.

I never understood why a bird pooping on you is considered good luck, but I guess in Dov’s case it turned out to be true. Too bad he also had to endure getting thrown up on before he got to reap the lucky benefits. I hope all you men and women out there were paying close attention to this episode because they came through with a very, very important piece of advice…..do not sneak up behind a freshly showered woman or man unless you want to lose your cookie.

A moment of silence for the cookie if you please.
But that cookie served a greater purpose and it was to bring me a few steps closer to being on board the Dov and Chloe ship. I’m not all the way there, the Dov and Gail ship is still afloat. However that doesn’t mean they aren’t putting on a convincing show.  Especially now that Gail is in her “I hate everybody” place. Everybody except the adorable squintern.  I’ve heard rumblings from the fan base that they were going to take Gail down the experimentation route so it’s nice to see the storyline start to play out.  If of course that is where they are planning on going with Gail this season or else having her stuck in a lab it pointless and boring.

Unless she spends all her time giving Andy her best “bitch face” then it could be pretty interesting. Poor Andy, that girl is clueless. First she was oblivious to the obvious “bitch face” that was being thrown her way and then she missed the googly eyes Nick was throwing her way.  I guess it’s a good thing she didn’t miss the killer mannequin in the abandoned building or else there really wouldn’t be any hope for her.

Someone else missing things would be my favorite tortured soul and yours Detective Sam Swarek. His girlfriend on the other hand definitely did not miss the fact that Sam was drinking a smoothie.  A smoothie that the ex love of his life was also drinking…..dum dum dum.

Sorry Marlo, I like you and all, but did you really think you were the one?  Poor, delusional soul.

I don’t understand that how as a cop Sam’s old mentor was able to go 10 years knowing he was responsible for the death of that kid and not come forward. The guilt would have eaten me alive. I’m just glad in the end knowing that he would never be able to look Sam in the eye he did the right thing by turning himself in.

I wanted so badly for Sam to be able to arrest that poor excuse for a father let alone a man for something, anything. There is a special place in hell for people like him. I hope Sam scuffed up his floors something awful.
Watching Oliver get his flirt on was a sight to behold.  A most adorable sight to be sure. But did it have to be with a woman named Celery? Really? Although I guess if she ends up making Oliver happy that is all that matters.

Am I the only woman in my 30s who isn’t freaked out by the fact that I’m single?  I couldn’t imagine being so afraid of emptiness (love that line by the way) that I would not only bathe in what I had been told was a love potion, but then drink it.  Get a cat, lady.  Or a dog, maybe a hamster.

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