Review: Maps For Travelers ‘Change Your Name’

Kansas City-based Indie Rockers Maps For Travelers are set to release their debut record ‘Change Your Name’ on August 27th. The opening riff of ‘Good Life’ kicks ass and takes names straight away – a high-energy, high-octane, ear-splitting, face-smashing injection of adrenaline that will have you pumping your fists and banging your head right along with it. If your definition of ‘the good life’ includes heavy guitars, crashing drums, and raw, guttural vocals, this is the life for you.

‘Life On Repeat’ keeps the foot on the gas and doesn’t look back. While the energy remains at a high level, this track is set at a slower tempo than the opener (it is also considerably more melodic). The band does a solid job of showcasing their versatility in this track, it really cuts through in the way they are able to balance high-energy and melody without losing intensity. The instrumentation and execution is carried out well throughout, making this a standout track early on.

The album continues in much the same fashion, finding it’s niche in the way that it’s able to maintain the balance of heavy and melodic throughout. Maintaining such a balance requires not only a deft hand and discerning ear, but an attention to detail and inherent ability to know when to power through and when to show restraint. Even a slight misstep in either direction could fundamentally upset the balance in its entirety, Maps For Travelers maintain said balance, walking that tightrope with a focus and precision that is extremely difficult to achieve (let alone maintain).

If their debut ‘Change Your Name’ is any indication of where Maps For Travelers are headed, they are certainly on their way (and don’t need a map to travel there).



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