Review: Fairview ‘The Video Game Song’

Chicago-based Pop/Rock quartet Fairview bring their unique blend of musicality and Pop sensibility to their latest track ‘The Video Game Song.’ Now, before ideas of Super Mario themes and Dragonforce-esque arpeggios flood your pool of thought and begin swimming laps like Michael Phelps en route to another gold – despite what the title may indicate – ‘The Video Game Song’ has a lot more to offer than simply to serve as background music as you progress to the next boss fight.

The track starts off with an almost “old-time” feel – between the rhythm guitar and accompanying drums – grabbing the listeners attention right out of the gate. This rhythm section is joined by atmospheric synth, lending to the overall ambiance and adding another layer to the experience.

Vocalist Lizzy soon enters the fray, adding her warm tonality into the mix. Her vocals are very reminiscent of Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott. Guitarist/Vocalist Matt quickly follows suit, the dual vocal adding a solid dynamic and diversity to the work. Fairview is akin to a Lady Antebellum without the Country twang, encompassing more the Pop end of that spectrum while still remaining in the same vein. That said, while they have some similarities between them, Fairview is certainly no carbon copy. There is enough subtle intricacy and nuance within the framework of ‘The Video Game Song’ to set the band apart from it’s contemporaries. Whether you’re leveling up or simply kicking back, ‘The Video Game Song’ is well suited for any listening experience you may encounter, in both the console world and beyond.


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