‘Graceland’ Recap — Episode 1.08, "Bag Man.”

And we’re back—picking up from the last episode, where it was revealed that Briggs was actually Odin all along in his meeting with Bello, and in this episode he has to continue the ruse.

It starts out showing how Briggs delivers the drugs. He has a huge stash in his safe house, and drops them at a point before the FBI knows to set up surveillance, and thendoesn’t go pick the money up afterwards, so he doesn’t get found out. Throughout all of this, Mike has to get the drugs to Bello, and Bello distributes them, and they get no further in their case, to everyone’s frustration.

However, not even Briggs is perfect, and Charlie is starting to suspect him. She goes to investigate the safe house that Briggs had her in when she was recovering from her heroin incident—and nearly catches Briggs shooting up, but doesn’t know about the secret compartment in the closet, and decides that her suspicions were unfounded.

Then Bello’s previous drug suppliers decide to send a message that they’re angry, and send assassins to get back at Bello, nearly killing Mike and definitely pissing Bello off—so much that he takes one of the assassins and proceeds to torture him, very much upsetting Mike. Briggs then presents Mike with a choice that’s not much of a choice—they could send a team in to arrest Bello right then and there and give up on Odin, or Mike could just smooth talk his way into saving the guy’s life and keep the case open. Of course, Briggs sort of strong arms him into what he wants—which is to not arrest Bello.

And why would Briggs want the Odin case still open, considering he is Odin? Because, as we learn, the assassin has information on “Jangles,” who is the guy who tortured Briggs and got him addicted to heroin, which Mike successfully puts together and accuses Briggs of keeping the case open for his own nefarious purposes, because Mike is finally wising up to this guy.

He still, however, doesn’t know he’s Odin.

The trauma of watching a guy get tortured also gets to Mike, and he makes a big mistake by bringing in his girlfriend to Graceland while he thinks everyone is gone—but Paige sees her and berates Mike, and his girlfriend sees his gun and freaks out, and presumably breaks up with him, though I have a feeling that that’s not going to last particularly long. But hey, I could be wrong.

In any case, Mike gets so fed up with making no progress that he goes against one of Briggs’ plans and tells Bello that Odin didn’t make a drop—therefore forcing Bello to meet face-to-face with Odin at some point, and they put Bello under 24/7 surveillance.

Not good for Briggs.

But, being Briggs, he comes up with a convoluted plan, and manages to give Bello the keys to his safe house, which is filled with heroin, right under his entire team’s noses, though Mike almost catches him—so “Odin” put Mike in a headlock, making him pass out, and Briggs came “rushing in” to save him, also confirming that Mike did not, in fact, see Odin’s face.

So, it looks to the team that they hit another dead end; but Mike did manage to hurt Briggs in their scuffle, and it’s revealed at the end of the episode that Briggs has a few broken ribs from it that he can’t let anyone in the house know about.

In other words, Briggs is definitely digging his own grave here.

Catch the next episode of Graceland on August the 15th at 10/9c, only on USA

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