'The Walking Dead' – Great Moments from Season 2.5


The biggest complaint from fans was that there was not enough zombie action during the first half of Season 2 and too much exposition. Apparently as long as you’re killing zombies a real story isn’t necessary. I sure hope they didn’t jump ship because the second half of was a zombiepalooza. Zombies, zombies everywhere. It should have been renamed “The Zombie Hour”, ok that might be taking it a little too far. But you get the point, right? Strangely enough most of my favorite moments had nothing to do with the walking dead. I just blew your mind, didn’t I? It’s okay, it happens.

Nebraska – When I first heard that Michael Raymond-James was cast in an unspecified role I won’t lie I was giddy with happiness. I had just finished binge-watching the short-lived Terriers and was high on MRJ love at the moment so that was probably the best casting news of the year. Cut to the night episode 8 aired me with my popcorn, on the edge of my seat watching the verbal sparring taking place in front of me and BAM! Rick frakking shot him! Are you kidding me! What the hell was that?

Crystal5Triggerfinger – Not to be subtle or anything, but I don’t like Lori. No, really, I don’t. She’s so stupid. Why is it that male writers can either write for a woman or they can’t. Maggie, Carol, even to some extent with Andrea the writers have managed to write them as well-rounded, fleshed out characters and yet with Lori they got notta. Now I’ve never read the series so I don’t know if she was stupid in the graphic novels, but in the show I couldn’t help but hope that someone would trip her and leave her to the zombies. But alas that was not to happen this season. Instead we get to hear her throw Shane under the bus to Rick. What a bitch. Sure Shane was fully on the path to Insanityville, but that didn’t mean Lori had sent Rick in that direction. Again, what a bitch.

18 Miles Out – I couldn’t decide between the Rick & Shane fight and the Andrea & Lori go round as my favorite moment from this episode. On one hand it’s about damn time Rick tell Shane what’s up. He couldn’t continue to go around believing that everything was all right in Zombieland. He needed to stand up and declare himself as his families savior. Of course I think Rick should have let Shane have that trouble making Lori, but that’s just me. Now the Andrea & Lori go round on the other hand was Andrea expressing every frustration I had up to that point with Lori and her stupidity.

Judge, Jury, & Executioner – As strange as it seems my favorite moment from this episode is when Carl did something so stupid it can only be defined as childish. Carl doesn’t have the luxury of learning about consequences the way he would have BZ (before zombies), instead when he makes a mistake it literally means life or death. Such as he learned when he came across a walker and instead of turning a way he egged the walker. That one small immature action led to the death of one of their own.

wd-better-angels4Better Angels – I hated it that Shane had to go, I would have picked anyone else from the group before I would have chosen Shane. Out of all of them he was the one built for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, there are characters I prefer over Shane, Maggie, Glenn, Carol, Herschel, Daryl, T-Dog, Maggie’s sister whose name I can never remember are just a few of the ones that I’d like to see live a long and productive life. But Shane, Shane is different. So I was pretty heart-broken that his journey was over, but his transformation made for some great visual insights in to what goes through a person’s mind when the part that makes them who they are dies.

Beside the Dying Fire – There is nothing like a good ole Zombie Rodeo to get the adrenaline pumping. From start to finish the last episode of season 2 was filled with actions and revelations; from everyone being infected to Michonne’s appearance. And yet my favorite scene was the zombie rodeo. Here it is you had Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, T-Dog, and Andrea driving around trying to corral the walkers so they can pick them off more easily. I don’t know why that scene strikes me as humorous, but it did then and it still does now.

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