The Fosters – "The Morning After" 1×05


It’s my personal opinion that television should be fun. It should be an escape. Television can make you laugh or cry. It makes you get attached to these characters and then they make you feel things. Television is an escape. At least for me. Television can take you away from the crappy day you had at school/work or takes your mind off that test you could’ve done better on.

That being said, I don’t think it’s wrong for television to share their viewpoint on something happening in the current world. I think it’s important that other lifestyles and choices are showed through this medium that reaches so many people. I truly believe that the character Kurt on Glee changed quiet a few lives, helped some kids feel less alone. I think it’s amazing that you can do that with television.

However, I hate it when it’s a shows goal to take a stance on every single current issue. Divorce, abortion, rape, suicide, school shootings, online dating, drugs, gun control, birth control, teen pregnancy. Okay. I get it. Our world sucks, and you have very clear stances on all these things. But I don’t watch this show to be told where I should stand on those things. That’s what the news is for. That’s what blogs and forums and twitter is for. Not TV Series. Dear writers of The Fosters, I’m looking at you. (You too Glee. You too. )

I think it’s great that you are taking a stance on foster children and gay rights. I really really do. But I am so beyond done with being bombarded with opinions (lots of which we share) on these social issues. This is not why I tuned into your television show. It’s really not. So, that long rant being said, you knowing how I feel, let’s talk about this weeks episode.

This episode made me cringe. Multiple times. I have watched a lot of ABCF original shows. None of which I have been able to stick with. I, as a seventeen year old girl, do not understand how so many bad decisions are made on this channel. Like, I’m sure it makes for great television, but it stresses me out to the point where I want to turn the TV off and just be done.

Jesus, who had his fifteenth birthday party last episode mind you, was worrying about getting his girlfriend a morning after pill.  Oh. My. God. Since when do fifteen year olds have sex? Is that a thing, has that always been a thing?  I don’t get it. What kind of parents, leave their kid alone in the house with a boyfriend. And what girl, at fifteen, just has sex, on a whim, without planning, or stressing, or worrying. Lexxie. She just rips his shirt off and is like “go for it”. It just blows my mind.

Then there is Callie’s boyfriend, who snuck into a house that was not his just to hang out. Couldn’t you just like, go to the beach? Couldn’t you go bowling or get a burger or watch a movie or something that doesn’t involve breaking and entering? At least Callie was horrified when she found out.  Why she forgave the butthole I do not know.


Brandon was trying to force himself on Callie, even after she explained about how’d she’d done this before and how it had screwed up everything. He was like “but I’m not him” and Callie (bless her) was like “I don’t care. No.”. So, at least one person has a little common sense on this show.

Mariana is dating this hipster who she changes herself for by getting her nose pierced and learning poetry. He isn’t even, like, cute, but what ever Mariana. At least this is a normal fifteen year old girl problem. Bless.

1044890_212125698939575_1027709382_nJude is the story line I’m most interested in (I know, with the rant at the beginning you wouldn’t think so, but there is a line between representing all kinds of people, and shoving social justice issues down people’s throats). The first episode talked about how Jude was wearing a dress, and in this episode Mariana paints  his nails, a truly adorable scene, and it makes me wonder, is he gay, transgender, or does he just like to look pretty? I’m okay with any of these scenarios, and I appreciate that Lena tells him to stand up for himself. And yes, I did tear up when the boy he liked also painted his nails in solidarity (you win the “most responsible choice this week, unknown eighth grader who looks oddly like the son on Two and 1/2 Men). I’ll be sure to keep you updated on this story line.

And finally, Stef and Lena just want to get some time alone. Which is close to impossible when all of the aforementioned stuff is going on. It’s just an episode arch which has them struggling and arguing, but at the end of the episode, we are assured, the relationship is safe. Thank god.

So, that’s it for this weeks whirlwind episode. What do you think of all this drama? What about the social issues? I’d love some discussion either in the comments or at my Twitter (@CareyGrace). Until next time!

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