Teen Wolf Episode 3.07 "Currents"

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Last week, I got emotional over Scott and Stiles. This week, I get even more emotional and cry for a solid two hours after the episode has ended. Seriously – you have been warned.

The episode begins at Beacon Hills Hospital when Melissa McCall is running about with a large number of bloody and injured patients, unable to get help from the On-Call ER Dr. Hilliard. Scott arrives with takeout and an injured woman asks for some pain medication which Melissa can’t give her. Scott takes her hand and heals some of the pain for he under the pretense that “human touch sometimes helps with pain.” Ethan then enters, screaming for help as he supports a sick Danny. It cuts to Dr. Hilliard, who is explaining that the traffic won’t let her get to the hospital for a while. Ethan explains that Danny can’t breathe and has worsening chest pains; Melissa thinks that Danny has a punctured lung, a pressure build up against his heart and that his larynx has shifted to the side. Danny then vomits up hundreds of mistletoe berries, and we know that he is the next victim of the Darach. Dr. Hilliard is still driving to the hospital when a moth lands on her windshield, which she gets rid of, but it enters through her air vent. Ethan and Scott are close to panic as Danny is wheeled into an exam room, and Melissa explains that he could be dying. She pulls out a large syringe as Danny stops breathing and pulls out some of the liquid in his lungs while a valve in the syringe helps him to breathe normally. Ethan looks grateful as he holds Danny’s hand (and why can’t he just be good already dammit).

Stuff's about to go DOWN
Stuff’s about to go DOWN

Inside Dr. Hilliard’s car, hundreds of moths appear and she bats them away, unable to see, as the Darach appears in the rear view mirror. Ethan and Scott exit the hospital, Ethan explaining that he didn’t do anything to Danny and won’t hurt him, because now he knows that Lydia is more important to Scott. Dr. Hilliard’s car rolls into the parking lot, but nothing is inside except a single moth. The Sheriff arrives to question them, and Stiles remembers that Deaton said one of the groups taken could be healers, and that Melissa might be next. Another body is found, and at the crime scene are Aiden, Deucalion and Chris Argent. At the loft, the alarm goes off, and Cora and Derek find the Alpha symbol painted on their window – they’re attacking that night. The next day, Melissa wakes up to find Isaac and Scott asleep by her bed, who explain that they were watching over her to make sure she wasn’t taken, despite the fact they were both asleep (dammit Isaac you were on watch last!) At school, Ms Blake is taking over the Chemistry class since Mr Harris disappeared, while Deaton calls Scott and says that he will be next to be taken as thousands of moths swarm the clinic. Boyd and Isaac leave school, claiming to be sick with a migraine and ‘explosive diarrhea’ to come up with a trap for the Alpha pack at Derek’s loft. Boyd mentions the electric currents that Gerard had him and Erica tied up to and decides to do that on a larger scale.

Scott arrives at the animal clinic to find that the Sheriff and Deputy are already there, and Deaton is gone. Boyd explains that they need to flood the loft and place electrical wires in it, then disable the circuit interrupter so the current will continue to flood the loft and hopefully kill anyone who steps in the water – especially someone barefoot like Kali. Stiles joins Scott at the clinic, and they debate whether they should tell the Sheriff everything that’s been happening. Stiles decides to, but when they go to tell him, Ms Morrell is there, begging the Sheriff to find her brother – Deaton. She tells them that nobody in Law Enforcement can find Deaton, and only one person can… Lydia. Lydia is making out with Aiden in the Coach’s office when the fire alarm sounds. Aiden leaves first, and as Lydia exits, Cora arrives and mentions that she doesn’t have very good taste in guys. Dr. Hilliard’s body is found and brought to the hospital, and Melissa explains to the Sheriff that they were suffocated by being suspended from the ceiling by their hands in a way that cuts off their air, they have to pull themselves up to take a breath and when they lose strength, they only have a few minutes left. Cora won’t let Lydia leave, saying that Derek requests that she stops seeing Aiden. Lydia points out that her last boyfriend was a homicidal lizard, and Cora grabs her wrist in a threat, when Stiles arrives and tells her to let go. Scott is in the school’s hallways and follows a tapping noise to find Deucalion in the music room. He tries to use his parkour skills to grab Deucalion’s cane but the blind wolf wins, giving him a hint – “follow the current”.

Heck yeah Scott
Heck yeah Scott

Stiles and Cora try to have Lydia find Deaton using a variety of methods including an Ouija board, psychometry and automatic writing, but it doesn’t work. Lydia says that they should talk to Danny, who is the one that was actually attacked. Allison texts Scott and says that she’s found something, and in the loft Boyd turns on the electricity and electrifies the floor. Allison tells Scott that she found a black light in her father’s desk drawer, and after a close encounter with said father, they find out that his map of Beacon Hills has invisible marks of where the sacrifices were taken and where the bodies were found, plus predicted marks of future victims. Stiles sneaks into Danny’s room at the hospital and grabs his stuff, telling a drugged Danny that it’s all a dream, and finds a research project on Telluric Currents, currents that flow through the Earth. Scott tells Stiles about the map, and Stiles mentions the currents, and given Deucalion’s clue, Scott knows that’s what they need. In the loft, Isaac, Boyd and Derek are waiting when Isaac notices the power is not on, and therefore their trap is not working. Kali arrives with the twins in tow, holding Ms Blake in a death grip. Derek agrees to fight her one on one and sends Isaac and Boyd away. Meanwhile Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Cora meet up at the Animal Clinic and compare the maps, and Cora realizes that Deaton is being held at the bank. Scott goes after him and finds him hanging by his arms, his strength having failed, but he’s surrounded by mountain ash that Scott can’t get through. He tries to push his way through the barrier, his eyes turning to Alpha red as Deaton watches helplessly. The Sheriff arrives and shoots the rope, Deaton dropping to the ground.

Derek's face will be the end of me
Derek’s face will be the end of me

Stiles, Cora and Lydia arrive at the loft where Derek is still fighting Kali. The three turn the power back on, and Isaac grabs Ms Blake while Boyd is thrown into the current with Kali and Derek. She orders the twins to grab Derek and hold his claws in the air… then she grabs Boyd and drops him onto Derek’s claws. Derek’s eyes glow brighter as he impales Boyd as Kali and the twins leave with a warning. Derek tries to put pressure on Boyd’s wounds to no avail, and Boyd whispers that it’s okay, and the feeling he got on the full moon, and wonders what a lunar eclipse would feel like for a werewolf (foreshadowing through my pain). It flashes back to Erica in the vault, wondering what might happen to werewolves during a lunar eclipse, and she hopes that it makes them stronger. She half transforms and rushes to Kali, attacking her, and is killed in the process, breathing out Boyd’s last name in the process. She dies the only way we would’ve wanted her to, proud and going out fighting for the people she loves. Boyd then dies, and Stiles and Cora rush in, and the look on Derek’s face completely broke me. Cora weeps over Boyd and Stiles tries to comfort Derek while Lydia, Isaac and Ms Blake watch on in shock.


In Gerard’s room, Chris demands to know the truth about Deucalion. After he leaves, Allison shows up, and Gerard mentions he’s surprised it took her so long to visit. In the bank vault, the Sheriff explains to Scott and Deaton that he figured out where he was because he recognized the bank’s symbol on Deaton’s stuff. He leaves, and Deaton tells Scott about his eyes – that Scott’s a ‘True Alpha’, one who “rises up on strength of character and sheer force of will” rather than those who steal or kill for Alpha power. He says that it’s rare, but he’s always believed in Scott’s potential since he was bitten. Scott then realizes that his True Alpha status has been what Deucalion is really after, and that he’s the target, not Derek.

So I basically sobbed my heart out when two of my favourite characters – Boyd and Erica, my brave, brave girl – died in the exact same goddamn episode, and between this episode and Motel California I’m not sure how my heart is supposed to take it. All I know is that this season is brilliant and heartbreaking and it’s only going to get worse, and we should be prepared because this definitely hurts.

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