Review: Jay Dillinger ‘Real World True Story’

Real World Alum Marlon Williams (a.k.a. Jay Dillinger) is taking his brand of celebrity to the next level. While the vast majority of reality stars today are content to see their star power extend no further than their given platform, some use that very same platform to catapult themselves into other stratospheres of the celebrity spectrum, and, with the release of ‘Real World True Story,’ Dillinger is doing just that.

Dillinger’s brand of Hip-Hop is a throwback of sorts, with rhythms, beats, and instrumentation reminiscent of the early 2000’s (with shades of the early 90’s).The beats are well crafted, with an attention to detail that has been absent from the majority of mainstream Hip-Hop flooding the airwaves. While these beats are both catchy and rhythmic, they come from a place of truth, not simply watered down for mass consumption – there is a certain substance within both the arrangement and execution of the tracks that makes them engaging – making for an enhanced listening experience overall.

Lyrically, this album is definitely a level above the usual garb that’s churned out on a consistent basis by mainstream media – this is definitely not your age-appropriate 303 or Macklemore – this is gritty, hard-hitting, explicit MC-ing. This isn’t just about money, cars, and women, this is truth and flow set in reality, giving off a genuine vibe that is both refreshing and long overdue.

‘Real World True Story’ is just that – a glimpse of both truth and reality – brought together with complex, layered instrumentation and honest, sincere storytelling. There is a level of authenticity here that is palpable – not merely a gimmick or a fad – but something that is tangible and concrete. Dillinger is the kind of MC that Hip-Hop has been missing, and, if ‘Real World True Story’ is any indication of what’s in store, Dillinger has the potential to become a significant voice within the genre.


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‘Come Up’

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