Radical Something’s Album and Tour Announcement

On Monday, July 29th, Radical Something announced the title of their new album through a YouTube livestream. DJ Big Red came up with the album title, “Ride It Out,” and says the album consists of “very positive” tracks. Loggy says there is a “triumphant feel” in the songs. Josh says “We put so much work into this album…we put a lot of our hearts and soul into this.” He also says that it is “extremely eclectic.”

This album will drop on the beautiful day of September 2nd. In addition, Radical Something debuted three songs. The first was “It’s All Love,” and it sounds amazing. It is full of good summer vibes, sounds Radical Something cannot fail to produce. This song is undergoing the process of becoming a music video.

Radical Something also announced that a massive US tour will be taking place. It is called the Ride It Out Tour and it will be coming to many cities across North America. The tour announcement will be made this Wednesday.

Check out their recently released singles: “We Were Just Kids” and “Cheap Drink.” Look forward to a few more singles, which will be released before the album is out.

It is the first time that fans can pre-order the album. Those who pre-order will get an extra song!

Like and share Ride It Out’s album cover to enter in a contest to win a prize pack full of new merchandise.

• Website: http://radicalsomething.tumblr.com/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeAreRadical

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